37 Facts About Newport News


Newport News is an independent city in the U S state of Virginia.

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Newport News is included in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area.

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In 1958, by mutual consent by referendum, Newport News was consolidated with the former Warwick County, rejoining the two localities to approximately their pre-1896 geographic size.

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The more widely known name of Newport News was selected as they formed what was then Virginia's third largest independent city in population.

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Newport News serves as a junction between the rails and the sea with the Newport News Marine Terminals located at the East End of the city.

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Source of the name "Newport News" is not known with certainty, though it is the oldest English city name in the Americas.

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The change to Newport News came about through usage; by 1851 the Post Office Department sanctioned "New Port News" as the name of the first post office.

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In 1619, the area of Newport News was included in one of four huge corporations of the Virginia Company of London.

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The area of Newport News became part of Warwick River Shire, which became Warwick County in 1637.

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Newport News was a rural area of plantations and a small fishing village until after the American Civil War.

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Newport News was recruited by former Confederate General Williams Carter Wickham to become a major investor and guiding light for a southern railroad.

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Newport News helped complete the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway to the Ohio River in 1873.

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Newport News's agents began acquiring land in Warwick County in 1865.

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In 1958, the citizenry of the cities of Warwick and Newport News voted by referendum to consolidate the two cities, choosing to assume the better-known name of Newport News.

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The boundaries of the City of Newport News today are essentially the boundaries of the original Warwick River Shire and the traditional one of Warwick County, with the exception of minor border adjustments with neighbors.

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Newport News grew in population from the 1960s through the 1990s.

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Newport News serves as one of the business centers on the Peninsula.

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Newport News is home to a small Korean ethnic enclave on Warwick Boulevard near the Denbigh neighborhood on the northern end of the city.

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Newport News is located in the humid subtropical climate zone, with cool to mild winters, and hot, humid summers.

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Newport News experienced 20 murders giving the city a murder rate of 10.

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Newport News Shipbuilding, owned by Huntington Ingalls Industries, and the large coal piers supplied by railroad giant CSX Transportation, the modern Fortune 500 successor to the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway .

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Additional companies headquartered out of Newport News include Ferguson Enterprises and L-3 Flight International Aviation.

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Newport News has been the home to sports franchises, including the semi-pro football Mason Dixon League's Peninsula Pirates and Peninsula Poseidons and now the Virginia Crusaders.

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Newport News Parks is responsible for the maintenance of 32 city parks.

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City of Newport News operates two local government PEG Channels, Newport News Television and NNTV2.

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Residents of Newport News can find programs highlighting local events and various things to do around the city.

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Christopher Newport University publishes its own newspaper, The Captain's Log.

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Newport News is served by a variety of radio stations on the AM and FM dials, with towers located around the Hampton Roads area.

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Newport News is an independent city with services that counties and cities in Virginia provide, such as courts and social services.

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Newport News has both a police department and a city sheriff's department.

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Newport News has a federal courthouse for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

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Additionally, Newport News has its own General District and Circuit Courts which convene downtown.

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Newport News Shipbuilding operates The Apprentice School, a vocational school teaching various shipyard and related trades.

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The oldest congregation in the city, First Church of Newport News was organized in 1863, well in advance of the foundation of the city.

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Newport News has an elaborate transportation network, including interstate and state highways, bridges and a bridge-tunnel, freight and passenger railroad service, local transit bus and intercity bus service, and a commercial airport.

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Newport News Waterworks was begun as a project of Collis P Huntington as part of the development of the lower peninsula with the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, the coal piers on the harbor of Hampton Roads, and massive shipyard which were the major sources of industrial growth which helped found Newport News as a new independent city in 1896.

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Newport News is currently in the process of adding Carrigaline, County Cork Ireland as a Sister City.

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