29 Facts About Noel Coward

1. Noel Coward was honored in recognition of his talents and service to his country when he was made a knight by England's Queen Elizabeth in 1970.

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2. Noel Coward ended the decade with his most popular musical play, Bitter Sweet.

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3. Noel Coward appeared professionally as an actor from the age of 12.

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4. Noel Coward wrote two volumes of autobiographical recollections, titled Present Indicative and Future Indefinite (1954).

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5. Noel Coward died on March 26, 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica.

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6. Noel Coward was no fan of the works of Gilbert and Sullivan, but as a songwriter was nevertheless strongly influenced by them.

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7. Noel Coward was an early admirer of the plays of Harold Pinter and backed Pinter's film version of The Caretaker with a £1,000 investment.

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8. Noel Coward was a witness at the Flemings' wedding, but his diaries record his exasperation with their constant bickering.

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9. Noel Coward became Collinson's godfather and helped him to get started in show business.

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10. Noel Coward had a 19-year friendship with Prince George, Duke of Kent, but biographers differ on whether it was platonic.

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11. In 2008 an exhibition devoted to Noel Coward was mounted at the National Theatre in London.

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12. Noel Coward was knighted in 1969 and was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

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13. Noel Coward intended to star in the trilogy on Broadway but was too ill to travel.

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14. Noel Coward directed the successful 1964 Broadway musical adaptation of Blithe Spirit, called High Spirits.

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15. Noel Coward owes little to earlier wits, such as Wilde or Labouchere.

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16. Noel Coward wrote and recorded war-themed popular songs, including "London Pride" and "Don't Let's Be Beastly to the Germans".

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17. Noel Coward toured, acted and sang indefatigably in Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

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18. Noel Coward thrived during the Great Depression, writing a succession of popular hits.

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19. Noel Coward was turning out numerous plays and acting in his own works and others'.

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20. In 1924, Noel Coward achieved his first great critical and financial success as a playwright with The Vortex.

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21. In 1921, Noel Coward made his first trip to America, hoping to interest producers there in his plays.

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22. Noel Coward sold short stories to several magazines to help his family financially.

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23. In 1918, Noel Coward was conscripted into the Artists Rifles but was assessed as unfit for active service because of a tubercular tendency, and he was discharged on health grounds after nine months.

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24. Noel Coward played in the piece in 1911 and 1912 at the Garrick Theatre in London's West End.

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25. Noel Coward had little formal schooling but was a voracious reader.

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26. Noel Coward was born in 1899 in Teddington, Middlesex, a south-western suburb of London.

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27. Noel Coward won an Academy Honorary Award in 1943 for his naval film drama, In Which We Serve, and was knighted in 1969.

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28. Noel Coward worked with the Secret Service, seeking to use his influence to persuade the American public and government to help Britain.

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29. At the outbreak of the Second World War Noel Coward volunteered for war work, running the British propaganda office in Paris.

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