13 Facts About Opel Insignia


Opel Insignia is a large family car developed and produced by the German car manufacturer Opel since 2008.

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The Opel Insignia serves as the successor for both the Signum and Vectra model lines, replacing both vehicles under a single nameplate.

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Opel Insignia debuted as the Vauxhall Opel Insignia at the 2008 British International Motor Show in London on 23 July.

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The Opel Insignia was the first production car to feature a dual function frontal camera with traffic sign recognition.

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In early 2009, Opel revealed the Insignia OPC, a high performance variant of the Insignia.

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The Opel Insignia OPC has a modified MacPherson strut front suspension called HiPerStrut which reduces torque steer.

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Second generation Opel Insignia was revealed in December 2016, and was reported to be renamed Opel Insignia Grand Sport.

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In September 2014, Opel Insignia introduced its all new generation of engines – large diesel engine, starting with 2.

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Since making its debut, the Opel Insignia has won more than fifty national and international awards, including 'Best Executive Car' in the United Kingdom and Slovenia, 'Best Family Car' in Ireland twice, and best car for fleet customers in the United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark, and Portugal.

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Opel Insignia B was marketed in Australia and New Zealand as the Holden Commodore ZB; the fifth generation of the Commodore.

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The Opel Insignia was not as competitive as hoped and the cars were replaced mid season with Volkswagen CCs.

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For 2015, the Opel Insignia returned to Australia under the Holden marque, slotted slightly under the Commodore range in market position.

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Opel Insignia debuted several notable features, including a reconfigurable rear seat, LED headlamps, a reconfigurable dashboard and center console.

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