27 Facts About Queensland Reds


Queensland Reds is the rugby union team for the Australian state of Queensland that competes in the Southern Hemisphere's Super Rugby competition.

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In 1883, the first inter-colonial match in Brisbane took place, with Queensland Reds defeating New South Wales 12 to 11 at the Eagle Farm Racecourse.

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In 1896 the first Queensland Reds team departed for a tour of New Zealand, where they played New Zealand at Athletic Park in Wellington on 15 August, losing 9 to nil.

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In 1899 Queensland Reds recorded their first win against an international team, defeating The Lions 11 to 3 at the Exhibition Ground.

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Queensland Reds team remained a representative team selected solely from the rugby union clubs within the state, until the advent of the Super rugby competition in the 1990s.

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In 1980 Queensland Reds defeated the All Blacks, which was their first win against New Zealand.

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Two seasons later centenary celebrations took place, with Queensland Reds defeating New South Wales 41 to 7 in the celebratory match.

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Queensland Reds were grouped in Pool A alongside Auckland, Natal, Western Samoa and Otago.

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The Queensland Reds went on to play the winner of Pool B, South African side, Natal.

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The Queensland Reds won the final, 21 points to 10 at Kings Park Stadium in Durban.

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In 1998 the Queensland Reds had a much better season, finishing in fifth position at the end of the season.

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In 1999 Queensland Reds lost only three games during the regular season, and finished at the top of the ladder on 36 points.

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The Queensland Reds hosted the Canterbury Crusaders at Ballymore for a semi-final.

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In 2001 the Queensland Reds finished in fourth place on the ladder and played in the semis.

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Queensland Reds finished tenth in the 2004 and 2005 Super 12 seasons.

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Queensland Reds played the Waratahs in the opening game of the season, which was a close loss.

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The Queensland Reds continued to play exciting rugby for the rest of the season but lost close matches against the Crusaders, Blues, Chiefs and Waratahs, while the side finished 12th they showed plenty of promise and regained some respect.

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The Queensland Reds finished the regular season at the top of the table, with 13 wins and 3 losses.

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The Queensland Reds impressed in this, winning 7 of their 8 games, winning the final against the Brumbies, before finishing 7th in Super Rugby Trans-Tasman.

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The Queensland Reds' logo is a Koala, a native Australian animal, with Queensland Reds written underneath it.

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Traditional home of Queensland Reds Rugby is Ballymore, which was built in the late 1960s in Herston.

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Queensland Reds have played numerous pre-season games at the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Darling Downs regions, in order to raise the team's profile outside of Brisbane.

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In 2006 and 2021, the Queensland Reds travelled to Townsville to play a regular season game, both times attracting almost 20 000.

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In January 2007, the Queensland Reds released a team anthem to be sung by the crowd during matches and after wins.

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Queensland Reds have one of the largest and die-hard followings in Brisbane, averaging 19 118 at their 2021 home games and filling Suncorp Stadium for their 6 semi-final and two Grand Final appearances, including the 2021 Harvey Norman Super Rugby AU Final against the ACT Brumbies.

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Queensland Reds pointed out how the organisation has the potential to be the largest sports union in Queensland.

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Since the start of professional Super rugby in 1996,17 matches have been played, Queensland Reds winning nine, New South Wales seven, and one being drawn.

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