7 Facts About Rochester New York

1. University of Rochester New York is the metropolitan area's oldest and most prominent institution of higher learning, and one of the country's top research centers.

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2. The University of Rochester New York is the only large research institution primarily within the city limits, although Monroe Community College and SUNY Brockport operate campuses downtown.

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3. City of Rochester New York is served by the Rochester New York City School District which encompasses all public primary and secondary education.

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4. City of Rochester New York is protected by approximately 500 professional firefighters in the Rochester Fire Department.

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5. In 2006, the University of Rochester New York became the Rochester area's largest employer, surpassing the Eastman Kodak Company.

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6. In 1997, Rochester New York was reported to have the largest per-capita deaf population in the United States.

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7. The high amount of snow Rochester New York receives can be accounted for by the city's proximity to Lake Ontario.

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