45 Facts About Roderick Kingsley


Roderick Kingsley is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Conniving fashion designer in New York City, Roderick Kingsley gained access to one of Norman Osborn's lairs that housed the Green Goblin's equipment.

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Roderick Kingsley upgraded the inventions and perfected the Goblin formula, which enhanced his physical abilities and intellect without insanity.

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Roderick Kingsley has endured as one of the superhero Spider-Man's most enduring enemies and belongs to the collective of adversaries that make up web-slinger's rogues gallery.

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Stern was unhappy with the revelation that the Hobgoblin's civilian identity was Leeds and wrote the three-issue miniseries Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives in 1997, with the retcon that Roderick Kingsley was the original Hobgoblin and had brainwashed Leeds as a fall guy.

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Stern followed up the miniseries with the Spider-Man storyline "Goblins at the Gate", which resulted in Roderick Kingsley and Norman Osborn being bitter rivals obsessed with each other's destruction over the Goblin legacy, although Leeds would later be retconned further by a different writer to have been a willing Hobgoblin.

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Roderick Kingsley started out as a socialite, fashion designer and billionaire who had criminal underworld connections and had come about his wealth through unethical business practices and corporate raiding.

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Coincidentally, Roderick Kingsley was an employer of Mary Jane Watson for a time.

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Roderick Kingsley's activities gave him many enemies, one of which was Bella Donna, a rival fashion designer whose business he had ruined and attempted revenge on Roderick Kingsley but is twice thwarted by Spider-Man.

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The thug George Hill reports to Roderick Kingsley of stumbling upon Norman Osborn's secret lair in hopes of earning a reward.

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Roderick Kingsley instead kills Hill to make sure that no one else gets wind of the discovery.

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Roderick Kingsley uses some of Osborn's files to blackmail prominent figures, and attempts to buy Osborn's old corporation Oscorp and merge it with his own.

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Roderick Kingsley eventually perfected the strength-enhancing formula, but, aware that Osborn was driven insane, Roderick Kingsley opts to test on someone else first, tricking small-time hood Lefty Donovan after using a mind-control device developed by Gerhard Winkler .

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Roderick Kingsley uses this strength to battle Spider-Man and the Black Cat.

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Roderick Kingsley captured Leeds and brainwashes the reporter with Winkler's device into being the Hobgoblin.

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Roderick Kingsley discovered that Leeds had been working with Richard Fisk on a plan to bring down the Kingpin's empire as Richard adopted the Rose crime lord identity, using Leeds to handle some negotiations, and fooling many criminals into believing that his pawn was the Hobgoblin and hoping to use the Kingpin's downfall to advance his own interests.

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Roderick Kingsley battles Osborn who uses his own father's weaponry against the Hobgoblin.

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Roderick Kingsley kills Macendale to prevent from giving the authorities information that would jeopardize his secret identity in addition to seeing Macendale an unworthy successor.

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Roderick Kingsley is taken to prison, imprisoned in the same cell where he killed Macendale.

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Furious at Norman's return and denial of being the Goblin, Roderick Kingsley spreads rumors that there exists a secret journal of Osborn's that proves beyond a doubt of being the Goblin, but this was later revealed to be a ruse, knowing Osborn has been sending spies on him: all of the journals in his possession had been destroyed during a battle with Spider-Man years before.

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Roderick Kingsley offers to barter this information, for his freedom, with the District Attorney, guessing that Osborn will try to get to him first.

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Roderick Kingsley is then confronted by both Osborn and another Green Goblin.

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Roderick Kingsley learns that his brother has been murdered and plans his return to New York.

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Roderick Kingsley arrives in New York City and returns to the Hobgoblin role, intending to go after Urich.

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Roderick Kingsley decides to let Urich remain the Hobgoblin, but only if Urich gives him a cut of whatever profits are made.

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Roderick Kingsley obtains one of Mysterio's suits which he sells to a criminal who takes on the name Mysterion.

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Roderick Kingsley sells the Crime Master's gear to an unnamed Maggia operative.

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Roderick Kingsley ends up in a gang war with the Goblin Nation, selling equipment to low-level criminals who became the latest versions of 8-Ball, Answer, Blaze, Devil-Spider, Gibbon, Hitman, Killer Shrike, Mauler, Melter, Ringer, Steeplejack, Tumbler, and Unicorn as well as a new villain named Bruin who wears one of Grizzly's old exoskeleton bear suits.

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Roderick Kingsley is killed by the first Goblin King while his henchmen are claimed for the Goblin Nation, but his butler Claude went in his place so that his enemies could be distracted and Kingsley is actually in Paris.

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Roderick Kingsley decides to lay low working on his personal empire.

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Roderick Kingsley accompanies Magneto and the other villains recruited to Genosha.

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Roderick Kingsley has already expected the betrayal and has been using a hologram decoy which takes Missile Mate's blow.

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Roderick Kingsley starts to get his old franchises back under control.

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Outside of recruiting Blizzard, Roderick Kingsley regains his former minions Beetle, Bruin, Hitman, Ringer, and Unicorn as well as establishing his versions of Cutthroat, Diamondback, Mockingbird, and Viper.

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When franchisee Porcupine informs him of an intent to end the contract, Roderick Kingsley tries to kill with a Pumpkin Bomb in order to reclaim said suit for future franchisees.

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Roderick Kingsley turns up as a member of the Sinister Six led by the Iron Spider.

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Roderick Kingsley initially had no superhuman abilities, but possessed a keen analytical intellect with enough knowledge of chemistry and biology to understand Mendel Stromm's notes regarding the Goblin formula.

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Roderick Kingsley was skilled in the management of both criminal organizations and legally run professional businesses.

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Roderick Kingsley uses a Goblin glider, a one-man miniature turbo-fan-powered vertical thrust, cybernetically-controlled vehicle.

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Roderick Kingsley uses concussion and incendiary Jack O'Lanterns, wraith-shaped smoke and gas-emitting bombs, bat shaped razor-edged throwing blades, and gloves woven with micro-circuited power conducting filaments which channel pulsed discharges of electricity.

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Roderick Kingsley wore a shoulder bag to carry his small, portable weaponry.

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Roderick Kingsley made his MC2 debut as a hired assassin to kill many of the Spider-Girl characters, including Normie Osborn, Spider-Girl, and Peter Parker.

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Roderick Kingsley is later revealed to be the instigator of a mob war against the Black Tarantula, returning to New York to finish the job.

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Roderick Kingsley then dropped them from a great height, planning to kill Spider-Girl as she tried to save them.

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Roderick Kingsley worked with the Vulture to fight Wasp only for Wasp to use her stingers to shoot Hobgoblin off his Goblin Glider.

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