23 Facts About Silchar


Silchar is a city and the headquarters of the Cachar district of the state of Assam, India.

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Silchar is the site of the world's first polo club and the first competitive polo match.

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Silchar was a tea town and Cachar club was the meeting point for tea planters.

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Since Silchar was only founded after the introduction of the British in 1832, the pre-colonial history of Silchar can be approximated through the history of the region and nearby areas.

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Cachar district, whose headquarters is in Silchar, was ruled by the Tippera dynasty in the 13th century.

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The earliest mention of Silchar was in 1835 in a report by R B Pamberton, and since then it was mentioned in British official documents.

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Silchar was founded as the administrative headquarters of Cachar around the Janiganj-Sadarghat area of the town.

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Silchar prepared a blueprint for the planned development of Silchar, paved the roads, and supervised the construction of office buildings, residential quarters, circuit house and the Deputy Commissioner's office.

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Silchar got its very first body for self governance In 1882, when a Town Committee was established under the Bengal Municipal Act, 1876.

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Keating Library, the first library in Silchar, was established in 1876 and was renamed to Arun Chanda Granthagar after Independence.

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In 1891, the town became a municipality and in 1899 the Assam-Bengal railways reached Silchar, providing easier access to the Chittagong sea port.

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Silchar witnessed major flooding in June 1929 because of incessant rains and flooding of river Barak.

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Apart from the refugees from East Pakistan, Silchar saw a lot of migration from neighbouring states in Northeast due to political disturbances which added to the population growth.

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Silchar saw one of the uprisings in favor of the Bengali language.

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The municipal history of Silchar goes back to 1865 when the town was made a municipality under the Bengal District Town Improvement Act, 1864.

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In January 1882, Silchar got a Town Committee under the Bengal Municipal Act, 1876.

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Silchar is in Zone V on the Seismic Zonation Map and has witnessed major earthquakes.

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Silchar has a borderline tropical monsoon climate slightly too hot in the “winter” or “cool” season to qualify as a humid subtropical climate.

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Silchar is home to the main campus of Assam University, a central university that imparts education in both the general and the professional streams.

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Silchar has been selected as one of the towns for the construction of 51 low-cost airports across the country.

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Silchar Airport is the 2nd busiest airport in Assam and 4th busiest in North east after Guwahati, Agartala and Imphal and handles approximately 200,000 PAX yearly.

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In December 1985, Air India operated the first all-woman crew flight in the world from Kolkata to Silchar which was commanded by Captain Saudamini Deshmukh on a Fokker F-27 Friendship aircraft.

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The current member of Parliament from Silchar is Dr Rajdeep Roy of the BJP and current MLA is Dipayan Chakraborty of the BJP.

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