30 Facts About Chittagong


One of the world's oldest ports with a functional natural harbor for centuries, Chittagong appeared on ancient Greek and Roman maps, including on Ptolemy's world map.

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Between the 15th and 17th centuries, Chittagong was a center of administrative, literary, commercial and maritime activities in Arakan, a narrow strip of land along the eastern coast of the Bay of Bengal which was under strong Bengali influence for 350 years.

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The Port of Chittagong was re-organized in 1887 and its busiest shipping links were with British Burma.

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The Chittagong Tea Auction is a commodity exchange dealing with Bangladeshi tea.

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Chittagong has a high degree of religious and ethnic diversity among Bangladeshi cities, despite having a great Bengali Muslim majority.

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Bengali word for Chittagong, Chottogram, has the suffix "-gram" meaning village in Standard Bengali.

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Many Sufi missionaries settled in Chittagong and played an instrumental role in the spread of Islam.

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Medieval Chittagong was a hub for maritime trade with China, Sumatra, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, the Middle East and East Africa.

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Chittagong was integrated into the prosperous greater Bengali economy, which included Orissa and Bihar.

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Chittagong was a major centre of trade with British Burma.

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Chittagong armoury raid by Bengali revolutionaries in 1930 was a major event in British India's anti-colonial history.

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Chittagong soon regained its status as a major port, with cargo tonnage surpassing pre-war levels in 1973.

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Chittagong has many lakes that were created under the Mughal rule.

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Chittagong is a strategically important military port on the Bay of Bengal.

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Chittagong is often called Bangladesh's commercial capital due to its diversified industrial base and seaport.

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Notable Islamic architecture in Chittagong can be seen in the historic Bengal Sultanate-era Hammadyar Mosque and the Mughal fort of Anderkilla.

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Chittagong is known as the Land of the Twelve Saints due to the prevalence of major Sufi Muslim shrines in the district.

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Daulat Qazi lived in the region during the 17th century reign of the Kingdom of Mrauk U Chittagong is home to several important Hindu temples, including the Chandranath Temple on the outskirts of the city, which is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Sita.

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Chittagong Court Building, an example of Indo-Saracenic architecture in Chittagong.

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Chittagong was a melting pot of ethnicities during the Bengal Sultanate and Mughal Bengal periods.

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The city has many ethnic minorities, especially members of indigenous groups from the frontier hills of Chittagong Division, including Chakmas, Rakhines and Tripuris; as well as Rohingya refugees.

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Chittagong has been featured in all aspects of Bangladeshi popular culture, including television, movies, journals, music and books.

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Chittagong has extensive GSM and CDMA coverage, served by all the major mobile operators of the country, including Grameenphone, Banglalink, Citycell, Robi, TeleTalk and Airtel Bangladesh.

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Education system of Chittagong is similar to that of rest of Bangladesh, with four main forms of schooling.

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The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Chittagong is responsible for administering SSC and HSC examinations within the city.

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Chittagong College, established in 1869, is the earliest modern institution for higher education in the city.

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University of Chittagong, which was established in 1966 is one of the largest universities in Bangladesh.

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Chittagong has governmental and non-governmental primary schools, international schools and English medium schools.

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Chittagong has produced numerous cricketers, footballers and athletes, who have performed at the national level.

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Chittagong is home to the Bangladesh Premier League franchise, the Chittagong Vikings.

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