29 Facts About Sonny Gray

1. Sonny Gray picked up the win in Game 2 of Saturday's doubleheader against the Orioles, allowing just three hits and one walk across 6.1 scoreless innings.

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2. Sonny Gray left the team Monday for the birth of his son, and after missing three games, he'll return to the bullpen.

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3. Sonny Gray has returned from the paternity list ahead of Friday's game against Seattle, Bryan Hoch of MLB.

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4. Sonny Gray is listed as the Yankees' probable starter for Tuesday's game against the Twins, Pete Caldera of The Bergen Record reports.

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5. Sonny Gray has not met expectations since being acquired by the Yankees at the 2017 July trade deadline, especially struggling this season with a 4.90 ERA, 1.50 WHIP and career-high 9.8 percent walk rate.

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6. Sonny Gray was named again in his second consecutive opening day game.

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7. Sonny Gray made the opening day roster for the first time in the 2014 campaign.

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8. Sonny Gray turned out as a quarterback for his school's football team that went on to win consecutive 5A State titles in 2006 and 2007.

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9. Sonny Gray made 23 starts for the Yankees last season before being pulled from the starting rotation in favor of Lance Lynn, who was acquired in a trade.

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10. Sonny Gray will not be a member of the New York Yankees come 2019.

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11. Sonny Gray came up with Oakland, the little brother of the two Bay Area franchises, and thrived there.

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12. Sonny Gray has a great chance to turn into a solid low-risk, high-reward gamble for the Brewers if he's able to recapture the form that saw him finish third in Cy Young voting in 2015, when he was an All-Star with the Athletics.

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13. Sonny Gray is under team control for one more season and is projected by MLB Trade Rumors to earn $9.1 million next year.

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14. Sonny Gray struggled last season, but he finished third in the Cy Young race when he was with the Oakland Athletics in 2015.

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15. Sonny Gray is coming off a season that saw his ERA reach 4.90.

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16. Sonny Gray had a 4.90 ERA and fell out of the Yankees rotation.

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17. Sonny Gray recorded a 3.42 ERA in 114 games with Oakland before he was sent to New York.

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18. Sonny Gray pitched two innings, tallying three strikeouts and allowing a single hit.

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19. Sonny Gray began his career with the A's and had his best seasons in Oakland, including a third-place.

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20. Sonny Gray appears to be on his way out of New York as the Yankees weigh offers from multiple teams for the righthander, according to reports.

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21. Sonny Gray came to the Bronx with a solid record of success that occasionally bordered on ace-ish.

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22. Sonny Gray peaked at 3.8 WAR in 2015 but averaged 2.2 annual WAR (50) over his first six years, and we think the latter is a better representation of his profile because it accounts not only for talent but the ability to stay healthy and.

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23. In a surprise move, Sonny Gray was elected to start Game 5 over Bartolo Colon.

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24. Sonny Gray was selected 18th overall by the Oakland Athletics in the 2011 MLB Draft.

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25. Sonny Gray was involved in other extra-curricular activities in high school.

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26. Sonny Gray attended Vanderbilt University and played college baseball for the Vanderbilt Commodores.

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27. Sonny Gray figures to be headed out of The Bronx after an ugly season, a likely trade candidate.

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28. Sonny Gray held a 4.90 ERA in his first full season with the Yankees and by the end of the year was reduced to mop-up reliever duty.

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29. Sonny Gray is available and could benefit from going from child-sized Yankee Stadium to post-humidor Chase Field.

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