14 Facts About Stoneman Douglas High

1. Stoneman Douglas High was an influential leader in Florida, several buildings are named for her.

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2. Stoneman Douglas High appears as a major supporting character in the 2014 point and click adventure A Golden Wake.

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3. Stoneman Douglas High was posthumously inducted into the National Wildlife Federation Hall of Fame in 1999, and the National Women's Hall of Fame in 2000.

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4. Stoneman Douglas High began accruing honors in her early days writing for The Miami Herald.

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5. Stoneman Douglas High served as a charter member of the first American Civil Liberties Union chapter organized in the South in the 1950s.

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6. Stoneman Douglas High was giving a speech addressing the harmful practices of the Army Corps of Engineers when the colonel in attendance dropped his pen on the floor.

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7. In 1948 Stoneman Douglas High served on the Coconut Grove Slum Clearance Committee, with a friend of hers named Elizabeth Virrick, who was horrified to learn that no running water or sewers were connected to the racially segregated part of Coconut Grove.

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8. Stoneman Douglas High was not impressed with the reception the group got from the Florida Legislature.

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9. Stoneman Douglas High spent time with geologist Garald Parker, who discovered that South Florida's sole freshwater source was the Biscayne Aquifer, and it was filled by the Everglades.

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10. Stoneman Douglas High became involved with the Miami Theater, and wrote some one-act plays that were fashionable in the 1930s.

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11. Stoneman Douglas High was given an assignment in 1916 to write a story on the first woman from Miami to join the US Naval Reserve.

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12. Stoneman Douglas High passionately opposed the governor of Florida, Napoleon Bonaparte Broward, and his attempts to drain the Everglades.

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13. Stoneman Douglas High was married to Marjory while already married to another woman.

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14. Stoneman Douglas High lived to 108, working until nearly the end of her life for Everglades restoration.

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