5 Facts About Army Corps

1. The US Army Corps continued a slow and steady process of post-war drawdown and demobilization on its own, and on 28 March 1950, the corps was formally inactivated in Japan, and its command consolidated with other units.

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2. The Australian Army Corps has a system of coloured lanyards, which each identify a soldier as part of a specific Corps.

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3. In early 1945, when I Army Corps was assigned the task of re-taking Borneo, II Corps took over in New Guinea.

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4. New Orleans evolved into a Army Corps-built leveed fortress of canals, floodwalls, and dikes.

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5. On 9 January 1945, I Army Corps successfully landed on the coast of the Lingayen Gulf in Northern Luzon with the mission of establishing a base for future operations to the north and of denying the enemy northern access to the South China Sea.

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