18 Facts About Television Network

1. Television Network was named Vice President in 1999 and Senior Vice President of Communications in 2002.

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2. Television Network played a key role in shaping the communications infrastructure of CBS Corporation after it became a standalone publicly traded company in 2006.

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3. Television Network served as the Company's Assistant Controller beginning in January 2006.

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4. Television Network is responsible for the Company's controllership and its external and internal financial reporting functions, as well as the Legacy Operations Department.

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5. Television Network is a proud life member of both the American Legion and Disabled American Veterans.

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6. Television Network is a graduate of Boston University, where he earned a Master of Laws in both corporate and tax law.

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7. Television Network lives in Southern California with his wife and two children.

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8. Television Network has orchestrated major deals with Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios and Lionsgate to create motion pictures based on some of the company's best-known brands and serves as an Executive Producer on many of the films.

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9. Television Network is a recipient of the Army Commendation Award.

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10. Television Network is a former Chairman of the Metropolitan Division of the Combined Jewish Philanthropies.

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11. Television Network is a member of the Executive Board of the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston.

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12. Television Network is a member of the Corporation of the Massachusetts General Hospital and is on the Board of Overseers of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

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13. Television Network served as Chairman of the Board of the National Association of Theatre Owners, and currently is a member of the Executive Committee of that organization.

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14. Television Network is a member of the Advisory Council for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation and is on the Board of Trustees for The Paley Center for Media.

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15. Television Network was President of National Amusements from July 1967 to December 1999.

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16. Television Network became Chairman of the Board of Viacom when National Amusements, Inc acquired a controlling interest in the New York-based company.

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17. Television Network assumed his roles as Executive Chairman of both companies after the separation of Viacom into two publicly traded companies, which occurred in January 2006.

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18. Television Network started after its two predecessors, UPN and The WB, ceased independent operations on September 15 and September 17, 2006 respectively.

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