7 Facts About Times Magazine

1. The Times Magazine adopted a stance described as "peculiarly detached" at the 1945 general election; although it was increasingly critical of the Conservative Party's campaign, it did not advocate a vote for any one party.

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2. The Times Magazine stayed with Times Magazine New Roman for 40 years, but new production techniques and the format change from broadsheet to tabloid in 2004 have caused the newspaper to switch font five times since 1972.

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3. In 1908, The Times Magazine started using the Monotype Modern typeface.

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4. In May 2017 The Times Magazine had a circulation of 445,737 and The Sunday Times of 775,188.

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5. In May 2008 printing of The Times Magazine switched from Wapping to new plants at Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire, and Merseyside and Glasgow, enabling the paper to be produced with full colour on every page for the first time.

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6. In June 1990 The Times Magazine ceased its policy of using courtesy titles for living persons before full names on first reference, but it continues to use them before surnames on subsequent references.

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7. In November 2006 The Times Magazine began printing headlines in a new font, Times Modern.

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