16 Facts About US Virgin Islands

1. US Virgin Islands have no first-order administrative divisions as defined by the US Government, but Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas constitute second-order units.

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2. The US Virgin Islands became tourist destinations early in the twentieth century, with the result that the average income on the islands is among the highest in the Caribbean.

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3. The US Virgin Islands are three large islands and fifty or so smaller islands with a total area of 352 square kilometers, located between Puerto Rico and the Leeward Islands.

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4. The British Virgin Islands are known by that name, while the US Virgin Islands are often known simply as the Virgin Islands.

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5. US Virgin Islands is a paradise with so much more to offer than the traditional beach vacation.

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6. US Virgin Islands have few domestic energy sources and thus have long relied on imported petroleum products to supply most of their needs, especially for electric power generation.

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7. US Virgin Islands have a number of AM and FM radio stations broadcasting music, religious, and news programming.

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8. In 2010 the US Virgin Islands had a population of 106,405.

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9. US Virgin Islands are located in the Atlantic Standard Time zone and do not participate in daylight saving time.

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10. US Virgin Islands is the only US jurisdiction that drives on the left.

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11. US Virgin Islands are an independent customs territory from the mainland United States and operate largely as a free port.

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12. In 2004, the 25th Legislature of the US Virgin Islands Islands established the Fifth Constitutional Convention, a constitutional convention gathered in order to draft a new constitution.

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13. US Virgin Islands have elected a territorial governor every four years since 1970.

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14. US Virgin Islands are in the Atlantic Ocean, about 40 miles east of Puerto Rico and immediately west of the British Virgin Islands.

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15. The US Virgin Islands are organized under the 1954 Revised Organic Act of the Virgin Islands and have since held five constitutional conventions.

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16. US Virgin Islands consists of the main islands of Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas, and many other surrounding minor islands.

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