24 Facts About Vasyl Lomachenko

1. Vasyl Lomachenko landed 55 punches overall while Rigondeaux landed just 15.

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2. Vasyl Lomachenko humiliated Rigondeaux, using his size and hand speed to dominate every round except the first.

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3. Vasyl Lomachenko continued his meteoric rise up the boxing ladder, retaining his WBO junior lightweight title Saturday night after challenger Guillermo Rigondeaux quit on his stool after six rounds.

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4. Vasyl Lomachenko reached double-digit total connects in three of the six completed rounds.

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5. Vasyl Lomachenko joined the gathering of the second title in the other weight class.

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6. Vasyl Lomachenko is famous for his excellent timing, accuracy, creative, speed, and foot movement.

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7. Vasyl Lomachenko got married to a very beautiful lady Elena Lomachenko.

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8. Vasyl Lomachenko is married to Elena, and they have a son, Anatoly.

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9. Vasyl Lomachenko added, "It was my dream to unify titles.

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10. Vasyl Lomachenko landed 213 of 627 punches thrown, with 112 jabs.

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11. Vasyl Lomachenko wore Linares down with his fast shots through the first 9 rounds, before finishing the fight in round 10.

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12. Vasyl Lomachenko stated if the bout with Rigondeaux was made, it would likely take place at the Madison Square Garden Theatre and a potential rematch with Salido would take place in Los Angeles.

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13. Vasyl Lomachenko earned a $750,000 purse for the fight, compared to the $50,000 received by Marriaga.

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14. Vasyl Lomachenko won the fight after Walters retired on his stool at the end of the seventh round.

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15. Vasyl Lomachenko overwhelmed, dominated and stopped Koasicha in the tenth round on a body shot.

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16. Vasyl Lomachenko was docked a point by referee in fifth round for a low blow.

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17. Vasyl Lomachenko made his first title defense against mandatory challenger Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo of Thailand.

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18. Vasyl Lomachenko seemed to shy away from engaging Salido throughout most of the fight, something that his opponent exploited.

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19. Vasyl Lomachenko challenged veteran boxer Orlando Salido for World Boxing Organization's featherweight title.

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20. Vasyl Lomachenko made his professional debut in United States on 12 October 2013 as part of the undercard to Timothy Bradley vs Juan Manuel Marquez, defeating Mexican fighter Jose Ramirez with a fourth-round knockout.

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21. Vasyl Lomachenko won gold at the 2009 World Championships in Milan.

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22. Vasyl Lomachenko was coached by his father Anatoly from a young age.

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23. Vasyl Lomachenko is ranked by all of them as the world's best active super featherweight.

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24. Vasyl Lomachenko is known for his exceptional hand speed, timing, accuracy, creativity, athleticism, and footwork.

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