14 Facts About Volga


In modern Turkic languages, the Volga is known as in Tatar, in Chuvash, in Bashkir, in Kazakh, and in Turkish.

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Volga is the longest river in Europe, and its catchment area is almost entirely inside Russia, though the longest river in Russia is the Ob–Irtysh river system.

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Volga has many tributaries, most importantly the rivers Kama, the Oka, the Vetluga, and the Sura.

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The Volga Delta has a length of about 160 kilometres and includes as many as 500 channels and smaller rivers.

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Volga calls it the Rha, which was the Scythian name for the river.

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Ptolemy believed the Don and the Volga shared the same upper branch, which flowed from the Hyperborean Mountains.

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Baltic people were widespread from Sozh River till today's Moscow and covered much of today's Central Russia and intermingled with the East Slavs The Russian ethnicity in Western Russia and around the Volga river evolved to a very large extent, next to other tribes, out of the East Slavic tribe of the Buzhans and Vyatichis.

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The Volga was one of the main rivers of the Rus' Khaganates culture.

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In 1918, the Red Volga Flotilla participated in driving the Whites eastward, from the Middle Volga at Kazan to the Kama and eventually to Ufa on the Belaya.

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The Volga was a vital transport route between central Russia and the Caspian Sea, which provides access to the oil fields of the Absheron Peninsula.

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Since ancient times, even before Rus' states developed, the Volga river was an important trade route where not only Slavic, Turkic and Finnic peoples lived, but Arab world of the Middle East met the Varangian people of the Nordic countries through trading.

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Chuvash and Volga Tatars are descendants of the population of medieval Volga Bulgaria.

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Volga region is home to a German minority group, the Volga Germans.

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Volga, widened for navigation purposes with construction of huge dams during the years of Joseph Stalin's industrialization, is of great importance to inland shipping and transport in Russia: all the dams in the river have been equipped with large ship locks, so that vessels of considerable dimensions can travel from the Caspian Sea almost to the upstream end of the river.

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