9 Facts About Waymo

1. In 2018, Waymo launched a pilot program with Google to use autonomous trucks to move freight to its sister company's Atlanta-area data centers.

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2. In May 2018, Waymo announced that it plans to allow everyone in Phoenix to request a driverless ride before the end of year.

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3. In a blog post, Waymo announced that its fully driverless cars would be restricted to Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, and Palo Alto—all communities close to parent company Alphabet's headquarters.

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4. In March 2018, Waymo announced its plans to build additional real-world self-driving experiments with the company's self-driving trucks delivering for sister company Google's data centers located in Atlanta, Georgia.

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5. In November 2017, Waymo altered its Arizona testing by removing safety drivers in the driver position from their autonomous Chrysler Pacificas.

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6. As of 2018, Waymo had tested its system in six states and 25 cities across the US over a span of more than 9 years.

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7. As of 2018, Waymo has driven more than 5 billion miles in the virtual world.

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8. In 2017, Waymo sued Uber for allegedly stealing trade secrets.

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9. The name Waymo is derived from its mission, "a new way forward in mobility".

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