14 Facts About William Queen

1. The William Queen cradled Zara on her lap while at a polo match at Smith's Lawn Polo Ground in Windsor.

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2. Kate Middleton and Prince William Queen have proven time and again what fantastic parents they are.

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3. The William Queen thought it was "unacceptable" that Kate didn't have a full-time job.

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4. Prince William Queen will inherit the Duchy of Cornwall, and that means he will inherit a collection of land and property that gives income to the Duke of Cornwall and Prince of Wales, and all his family members.

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5. Prince William Queen now depends on Prince Charles for his income, but that will change once Prince Charles becomes king.

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6. Prince William Queen now spends a lot of his time learning about his future obligations as Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge from his father and Queen Elizabeth is already helping him and teaching him what he will have to do once he becomes the king.

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7. Prince William Queen is one of the most popular members of the royal family of the United Kingdom.

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8. The William Queen thought it was "unacceptable" that Kate didn't have a full-time job.

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9. Prince William Queen is currently second in line to the British Throne.

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10. Prince William Queen is the eldest son born to Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana.

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11. In 2014, Middleton and Prince William Queen decided to bring their 8-month-old son Prince George to Australia.

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12. At first, William Queen was still reluctant; possibly he was jealous of his wife's position as the heiress to the English Crown and feared she would become more powerful than he was.

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13. At first, William Queen wished to dispense with the coronation entirely, feeling that his wearing the crown while proroguing Parliament answered any need.

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14. Prince William Queen had a wonderful laugh with Camilla in 2014 when they attended the Invictus Games.

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