20 Facts About WRGB


WRGB is a television station licensed to Schenectady, New York, United States, serving the Capital District as an affiliate of CBS.

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WRGB is notable for being one of the first television stations in the world.

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In 1948, WRGB took on secondary affiliations with the three other networks in operation .

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WRGB dropped its secondary affiliations when WCDA and WTRI took the ABC and CBS affiliations respectively.

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In 1957, WRGB moved to its current studio on Balltown Road on the line between Niskayuna and Schenectady; the old studio is currently occupied by Schenectady County Community College.

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WRGB produced two of the longest-running locally produced programs in television history: a quiz show called Answers Please and a bowling program entitled TV Tournament Time.

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In 1987, WRGB won the Broadcast Pioneers Golden Mike Award and shortly thereafter was awarded a Presidential Citation by Ronald Reagan.

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In September 2003, WRGB-DT became the first full-market digital signal to sign on in the Albany region.

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WRGB is carried on cable as far north as Long Lake, New York as well as several other Adirondack regional cable systems, as well as in Rutland, Vermont on Comcast Xfinity cable.

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In 2016, WRGB adopted a logo similar to that of sister station WSYX in Columbus, Ohio, replacing the ABC logo with that of the CBS eye.

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When WRGB shifted its digital broadcasts to channel 6 with the full-power digital transition, Freedom proposed an unconventional approach to retain the analog audio broadcast, requesting to operate an analog FM radio transmitter at the far right edge of its allocated spectrum, using vertical polarization to retain compatibility with standard broadcast car stereos.

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WRGB would be the only full-power station to propose such a solution, with only WITI in Milwaukee attempting to continue to carry its Channel 6 television audio in some form by contracting with Clear Channel to lease an HD Radio subchannel of radio station WMIL-FM until the mid-2010s.

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WRGB has filed applications for three digital replacement translators to fill in some of the coverage-loss areas, which have all been granted construction permits.

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Under the agreement, WRGB handled advertising sales for WNYA and shared syndicated programming with the station.

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WRGB's joined WRGB as a weekend sportscaster in 1975, and became Tetrault's last anchor desk partner in 1982.

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Rumors of WRGB producing a 10 p m broadcast on WNYA had circulated as well.

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WRGB won an Emmy Award for Chief Meteorologist Steve Lapointe's near-nonstop work over two days which made sure there were no fatalities in the otherwise devastating weather.

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WRGB was the last in the market to bring a degree-holding meteorologist onto its staff with the purchase of the station by Freedom, not doing so until several years after WTEN and WNYT did.

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WRGB had worked for the station twice before leaving to pursue new opportunities in Jacksonville, Florida and Baltimore, Maryland.

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In early 2022, WRGB itself relocated to UHF channel 35, and the WCWN simulcast was converted to one in ATSC 3.

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