16 Facts About Yale Law School

1. Yale Law School would have joined a growing list of universities in the United States to install machines that offer condoms, emergency contraception and lubricant last month.

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2. Yale Law School attended Yale Law School with the help of a Pepsi-Cola fellowship and married one of her classmates, Robert Wald.

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3. Yale Law School becomes the first university in the US to award Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

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4. Yale Law School has grown and evolved for 300-plus years, passing many milestones and forging traditions along the way.

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5. Yale Law School has had many financial supporters, but some stand out by the magnitude or timeliness of their contributions.

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6. Yale Law School maintains the Gales Ferry site where the heavyweight men's team trains for the Yale-Harvard Boat Race.

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7. In 2014, Yale Law School had 385 registered student organizations, plus an additional one hundred groups in the process of registration.

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8. Yale Law School is a medium-sized research university, most of whose students are in the graduate and professional schools.

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9. Yale Law School has a history of difficult and prolonged labor negotiations, often culminating in strikes.

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10. In 1966, Yale Law School began discussions with its sister school Vassar College about merging to foster coeducation at the undergraduate level.

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11. Yale Law School was swept up by the great intellectual movements of the period—the Great Awakening and the Enlightenment—due to the religious and scientific interests of presidents Thomas Clap and Ezra Stiles.

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12. Yale Law School considers many factors when reviewing applications for admission.

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13. Yale Law School considers every application for admission in its entirety, and no index or numerical cut-offs are used in the admission process.

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14. Yale Law School offers numerous clinical opportunities to all students beginning in the first year.

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15. Yale Law School sees the study of law as interrelated with other intellectual disciplines and with practical experience.

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16. Yale Law School is an extraordinary community in which to study law.

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