18 Facts About Agoda


Agoda's bookings are made via its website and mobile app which are available in 38 languages.

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Agoda offers iOS and Android apps for hotel and property owners.

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Agoda was co-founded in Singapore in 2005 by school friends Michael Kenny and Robert Rosenstein.

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In 2017, Agoda initially refused to give a refund to a customer that booked a non-existent hotel.

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The incident gained traction on social media, and Agoda eventually paid a refund following a fraud complaint filed with the Thai government.

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In 2018, Agoda cooperated with the Taipei City Government's request to remove illegal and unregistered Taipei hotels from its listings.

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Agoda faced legal action from the Turkish Travel Agencies Association due to alleged unfair competition in relation to the country's competition law.

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In 2019, Agoda launched a brand refresh with a new visual identity that saw the introduction of a streamlined logo, custom font, and cartoon mascots called Agojis based on the circles in the logo.

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Agoda said the changes reflected its growth from a start-up into a global brand.

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In 2019, Agoda was criticized for difficulties with customers removing their homes from the website.

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In South Korea, Agoda offers a Day Use product, which allows travelers to book rooms for just a few hours.

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Agoda offers a "Book Without a Credit Card" option for hotels in Indonesia and Philippines, and is the first online digital travel booking platform to enable Australians to book and pay for their holiday accommodation via interest-free instalments.

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In November 2020, Agoda launched a page dedicated to Alternative State Quarantine hotel packages in Thailand for foreign travelers arriving during the pandemic.

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Agoda has quarantine hotel portals for the Philippines, Indonesia, India, and Hong Kong.

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Agoda Homes is the company's list of privately-owned accommodations, which include houses, apartments, and villas.

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In 2018, Agoda launched airport transfers on its website, followed by flight booking in 2019.

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Agoda launched its biggest integrated campaign in July 2020, "GoLocal", which was aimed at stimulating domestic tourism across its the Asia Pacific and global markets.

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In November 2020, Agoda launched a partnership with Thailand's Ministry of Public Health to sell packages for travelers' mandatory COVID-19 quarantine, making Thailand one of the first countries in the world to digitalise the quarantine booking process.

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