31 Facts About Air Liquide


Air Liquide S A, is a French multinational company which supplies industrial gases and services to various industries including medical, chemical and electronic manufacturers.

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Air Liquide's headquarters are in Paris, and it has major sites in Japan, Houston, Newark, Delaware, Frankfurt, Shanghai and Dubai.

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In 1906, Air Liquide began operations in Belgium and Italy, followed by Canada, Japan and Hong Kong.

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In 1938, Air Liquide acquired La oxigena S A and started its activities in Argentina.

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In 1943, under the aegis of engineer Emile Gagnan and Lieutenant-Commander Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Air Liquide manufactured scuba set prototypes that Cousteau and Frederic Dumas used to shoot the underwater film Epaves, directed by Cousteau the same year.

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In 1946, Air Liquide founded La Spirotechnique, a design and marketing company for regulators and other diving equipment.

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In 1957, Air Liquide began its activity in the large industry and created networks of pipelines irrigating several large industrial basins in the world.

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In 1986, Air Liquide expanded into the United States with the acquisition of Big Three for $1.

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In 2003, Air Liquide formed a joint venture with The BOC Group in Japan, thus creating Japan Air Gases and strengthening the group's presence in the Far East.

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In 2004, Air Liquide acquired two-thirds of Messer Griesheim's global activities, consisting of operations in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, for $2.

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In 2007, Air Liquide acquired the activities of Linde Gas in the United Kingdom, as well as the German engineering company, Lurgi, for €550 million, which doubled the engineering capacity of the group.

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In early 2008, Air Liquide entered a long-term contract with Neste Oil's Renewable Diesel Plant to supply hydrogen.

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In 2012, Air Liquide created a joint venture with the Belgian group Solvay, to produce fluorinated gases for flat screens and photovoltaic panels.

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In 2013, Air Liquide created ALIAD, a venture capital investor, with the objective to invest in start-ups and future technologies specializing in the energy transition, health and digital sectors.

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Air Liquide was established the same year in the Air Liquide innovation laboratory in Paris, the i-Lab, launched in 2013 to support and share innovation across the group.

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In November 2015, Air Liquide announced it would acquire the American firm Airgas for a total of $13.

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In December 2016, Air Liquide sold its subsidiary Aqua Lung International to Montagu Private Equity.

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In 2016, Air Liquide announced a new strategic plan called Neos, with an important focus on digital transformation.

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Skagerak Energi belongs to Statkraft Today, Air Liquide therefore has 54 biogas stations in northern Europe and it has installed one of the world's largest biogas liquefaction plants in Sweden .

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In 2017, Air Liquide signed an agreement with Cargill to build a biodiesel plant in Kansas, US.

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In February 2018, Air Liquide launched the world's largest oxygen production unit for Sasol, an international energy and chemicals company.

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In September 2018, Air Liquide inaugurated its Paris Innovation Campus, located on the "Plateau de Saclay", near Paris.

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On this occasion, Air Liquide announced the creation of a deep-tech start-up accelerator on the Innovation Campus by 2019.

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Air Liquide generates about a third of its sales revenue by supplying the large industry : chemicals, petrochemicals, metallurgy and refining.

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In February 2018, Air Liquide launched the world's largest oxygen production unit for Sasol, an international energy and chemicals company.

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Finally, through its subsidiary Air liquide Medical Systems, Air Liquide is a manufacturer of medical equipment .

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Air Liquide has a plant located just outside Kennedy Space Center that provides gaseous nitrogen via two systems, an air separation system for standard daily needs and a launch support system for periods of higher demand.

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Air Liquide developed a helium cooling process for the ITER experimental reactor, an experimental fusion reactor located in Saint-Paul-Lez-Durance, France, built in the early 2010s.

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In June 2016, Air Liquide set up its first multi-energy service station offering alternative fuels and, more generally, natural fuels: Compressed Natural Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas and Liquid Nitrogen .

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Space missions, Air Liquide creates cryogenic equipment for launchers, orbital systems, firing points and sensors cooled at very low temperatures.

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In early 2018, Air Liquide commissioned three new biomethane production units, in the United States, in France, and in the United Kingdom.

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