20 Facts About Alexei Kondratiev


Alexei Kondratiev was an American author, linguist, and teacher of Celtic languages, folklore and culture.

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Alexei Kondratiev taught the Irish language and Celtic history at the Irish Arts Center in Manhattan, New York from 1985 until his death on May 28,2010.

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Long-time member of the Mythopoeic Society, Kondratiev was the Scholar Guest of Honor at the organization's Mythcon 33 convention in 2002, papers coordinator for Mythcon 39 in 2008, and maintained a book review column in its publication, Mythlore.

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Alexei Kondratiev contributed significant portions of the text used on the website of the Celtic League's American Branch and book reviews for the organization's magazine, Keltoi.

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Alexei Kondratiev encouraged students to think of language as a tool to connect with and understand the culture of its people.

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Alexei Kondratiev was the eldest of six children, with four sisters and one brother.

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Alexei Kondratiev grew up in both New York City and Bourgogne, France, as he traveled back and forth between the home of his parents in New York City and his grandparents' home in the Saone Valley.

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Alexei Kondratiev began learning the Irish language from library books.

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Alexei Kondratiev lived for a while among native speakers of the Irish language on Inishmaan, the middle island of the Aran Islands group, where he acquired fluency in Irish Gaelic.

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Graduate of New York's Columbia University, Alexei Kondratiev studied Celtic philology at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes in Paris.

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Frequent participant and occasional speaker at science fiction conventions, Alexei Kondratiev met Judy Harrow at a science fiction convention in the early 1980s.

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Alexei Kondratiev attributed his gradual attraction to Neopaganism in the 1980s to his contact with science fiction fans who had become Neopagans.

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When he met Harrow, Alexei Kondratiev still considered himself a Christian, and continued to identify himself as such throughout the 1980s while attending Neopagan religious ceremonies.

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Alexei Kondratiev remained a member of Mnemosynides, and a Christian, until his death in 2010.

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At the time of his death, Alexei Kondratiev had been high priest of Mnemosynides for more than 20 years.

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Alexei Kondratiev taught classes and served as program director for the Esotericon convention in New Jersey from 1985 until 1991, when the convention discontinued.

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In more recent years, Alexei Kondratiev has been a guest at the Sacred Space and Ecumenicon conferences in Maryland, and the CWPN Harvest Gathering in Connecticut.

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Alexei Kondratiev's friends remember Kondratiev as an avid bird watcher.

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Alexei Kondratiev commented that over 100 different species of birds could be observed in a single day while walking through the park in Queens.

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Alexei Kondratiev contributed articles about folklore, mythology and Celtic culture to the following publications.

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