43 Facts About Amisha Patel


Amisha Patel made her acting debut with the romantic thriller blockbuster Kaho Naa.

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Amisha Patel made her Telugu film debut with the successful Badri.

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Amisha Patel has been part of successful films including Humraaz, Kya Yehi Pyaar Hai, Honeymoon Travels Pvt.

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Amisha Patel was born in a Gujarati family to Amit and Asha Amisha Patel on 9 June 1975.

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Amisha Patel is the sister of Ashmit Patel and the granddaughter of lawyer-politician Barrister Rajni Patel, who was the Congress Pradesh Committee President of Mumbai.

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Amisha Patel was born in the Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai and has been a trained Bharatnatyam dancer since the age of five.

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Amisha Patel's birth-name is a blend of the first three letters of her father's name Amit and the last three letters of her mother's name Asha.

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Amisha Patel's career began as an economic analyst at Khandwala Securities Limited after graduation.

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Amisha Patel signed on much before she shot into the limelight with Kaho Naa.

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Amisha Patel had gone through a 12-hour audition before she got the part.

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Amisha Patel's performance was praised, and won her the Filmfare Special Performance Award, as well as nominations for Best Actress at various award ceremonies.

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Amisha Patel looks the character she is portraying and impresses with a natural performance.

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Amisha Patel co-starred opposite Hrithik Roshan for the second time in this film.

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Amisha Patel's performance in the film was criticised by a section of the media, but during an interview she clarified that there was an "error" because the scene explaining that her character is supposed to be asthmatic in the film was edited out not knowing that one shot would make such a difference, thus creating confusion to the viewer about her appearing out of breath, as if she's overacting or crying.

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Amisha Patel played the girlfriend of Akshaye Khanna, who marries Bobby Deol to grab his wealth – but, seeing Bobby's honesty, her character surrenders to him.

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Amisha Patel later appeared in Ketan Mehta's historical drama Mangal Pandey: The Rising where she played the role of the soft-spoken Jwala, a Bengali widow who gets rescued from committing Sati by a British commanding officer.

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Amisha Patel was cast as a replacement for Aishwarya Rai under the recommendation of Aamir Khan, who was impressed by her IQ level when he saw her on BBC under the segment of Question Time India in 2003.

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Amisha Patel featured in six films in 2006, all of which failed commercially.

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Amisha Patel first appeared alongside Akshay Kumar and Karisma Kapoor in Suneel Darshan's musical drama, Mere Jeevan Saathi, a delayed production since 2003.

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The film centred around an extramarital affair with Amisha Patel playing a housewife whose husband cheats on her with a model.

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Amisha Patel is dignity personified in the film, playing a woman betrayed in marriage, going all out to save it and in the end choosing her own path.

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Amisha Patel played the role of Karan Khanna's talkative wife who tries to overcome her husband's gay leanings.

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Amisha Patel learned scuba diving for the song that took 15 days to complete.

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Amisha Patel featured in an ensemble cast which included Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Anil Kapoor, Ajay Devgn and Kangana Ranaut, but the film was shelved after eight days of principal photography.

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On 23 April 2011, Amisha Patel hosted an event launching her production company, Ameesha Amisha Patel Productions, in collaboration with her friend and business partner Kuunal Goomer.

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In 2013, Amisha Patel returned to Hindi cinema with a special appearance in Abbas-Mustan's Race 2, replacing Sameera Reddy as Anil Kapoor's ditzy assistant.

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Amisha Patel followed it with a starring role alongside Neil Nitin Mukesh in Shortcut Romeo, a Hindi remake of the 2006 Tamil hit Thiruttu Payale.

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Amisha Patel was seen as the maalkin of the house for the first week to give different interesting tasks to the housemates.

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Amisha Patel performed in a number of concerts and world tours during her career.

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In 2004, Amisha Patel took part in a series of concerts in the world tour Craze 2004 alongside Hrithik Roshan, Saif Ali Khan and Lara Dutta.

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In September 2004, Amisha Patel joined PETA, one of the organisations championing the cause of animals, as part of an advertising campaign which highlights the lives of captive animals in a zoo who are robbed of their natural surroundings for the amusement of others.

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Amisha Patel posed as a petrified prisoner in a jail cell to throw focus on the plight of animals in zoos.

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Amisha Patel took part in the Temptations 2005 charity function in New Delhi on 24 December 2005 at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in aid of the National Centre for Promotion of Employment of Disabled Persons, a leading disabled rights' group.

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In November 2006, Amisha Patel joined an NGO called PlanetRead, which helps people in villages to learn reading through film songs.

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Between 2002 and 2005, Amisha Patel made an appearance in a number of talk shows such as Rendezvous with Simi Garewal and The Manish Malhotra Show.

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In 2006, Amisha Patel appeared as the guest judge on the special Valentine's Day episode of the singing talent contest Indian Idol 2.

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Amisha Patel has featured on the cover of Maxim India three times, as well as other men magazines such as The Man, FHM, and Man's World.

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In 1999, Amisha Patel met filmmaker Vikram Bhatt on the set of their first movie together; Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage, and they started dating since the film's release.

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In July 2004, Amisha Patel sent a legal notice to her father for mismanaging her accounts and assets amounting to Rs 120 million and demanding the money back.

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Shortly afterwards, Amisha Patel's parents explained their willingness to reconcile with their daughter and that "everybody is happy about the break-up" but their relationship remained strained.

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On 12 March 2008, Amisha Patel was spotted with London-based businessman Kanav Puri at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week.

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In September 2010, Mumbai Mirror reported that Amisha Patel broke off the relationship with her long-time boyfriend Kanav Puri, to focus on her career.

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Amisha Patel was on her way to attend India's Independence Day parade in New York.

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