11 Facts About PETA

1. In 2003, PETA offered $15000 to the city of Hamburg, Germany to change its name to Veggieburg—Source.

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2. In 2014, PETA was contracted to help remove stray dogs in Eastern Virginia.

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3. In 2001, members of PETA had just left an anti-hunt protest when they hit a deer in New Jersey.

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4. At some point, PETA is going to run out of crazy ideas or perceived enemies to target and simply get on with their lives.

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5. On Tuesday, PETA tweeted advice on how people can remove "speciesism" from daily.

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6. On Tuesday, PETA tweeted advice on how people can remove "speciesism" from daily conversations.

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7. In 1995, PETA formed a partnership with Playboy to promote human organ donation, with the caption "Some People Need You Inside Them" on a photograph of Hefner's wife.

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8. Each year, PETA selects a "Person of the Year" who has helped advance the cause of animal rights.

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9. On 1 May 2018, PETA released an investigation of the mohair industry that led more than 80 retailers, including UNIQLO and Zappos, to drop products made with mohair.

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10. In 2004, PETA published the results of an eight-month undercover investigation in a West Virginia Pilgrim's Pride slaughterhouse that supplies chickens to KFC.

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11. In October 2004, PETA launched a boycott against the Australian wool industry, leading some clothing retailers to ban products using Australian wool from their stores.

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