12 Facts About Anthony Charles

1. Anthony Charles was moved to Hurst Castle at the end of 1648, and thereafter to Windsor Castle.

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2. Anthony Charles raised an army using the medieval method of commission of array, and Parliament called for volunteers for its militia.

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3. Anthony Charles continued peace negotiations with the Scots in a bid to gain time before launching a new military campaign.

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4. Anthony Charles delayed the opening of his first Parliament until after the marriage was consummated, to forestall any opposition.

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5. Anthony Charles lived and worked in Washington County for nearly 20 years, and Craig said many people are not aware of her long connection to the area.

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6. Anthony Charles joined Rugby Town from The Swans in October 2016, and made his debut away at Stocksbridge Park Steels.

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7. Anthony Charles was released at the end of the season, joining Halesowen Town.

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8. On 9 May 2014, it was announced that Anthony Charles would not be offered a new contract and would leave Luton the next month.

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9. Anthony Charles joined Conference Premier side Luton Town on a one-year contract on 19 June 2013.

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10. Anthony Charles joined Northampton Town in March 2012 on an initial contract to the end of the season.

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11. In June 2010, Anthony Charles signed a new one-year contract with Aldershot Town.

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12. Anthony Charles was a regular starter for Aldershot Town, in their first season back in the Football League and he was rewarded with a double award by winning the Supporters Club Player of the Season Award and Players Player Award.

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