10 Facts About Augustus Earle


Augustus Earle exhibited classical, genre and historical paintings in six Royal Academy exhibitions between 1806 and 1814.

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Augustus Earle thus visited Sicily, Malta, Gibraltar and North Africa, before returning to England in 1817.

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In March 1818, Augustus Earle left England, bound for the United States on the first stage of a journey that would end up taking him around-the-world to South America, Tristan da Cunha, New South Wales, New Zealand, the Pacific, Asia, India, Mauritius and St Helena before returning home in late 1829.

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Augustus Earle was finally rescued on 29 November by the ship Admiral Cockburn, which had stopped off on its voyage to Hobart, Van Diemen's Land where he landed on 18 January 1825.

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Augustus Earle made several excursions to outlying areas of the colony, travelling north of Sydney via the Hunter River as far as Port Stephens and Port Macquarie and, between April and May 1827, he travelled to the Illawarra district south of Sydney.

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On 20 October 1827, Augustus Earle left Sydney aboard Governor Macquarie to visit New Zealand, where he had 'hopes of finding something new for my pencil in their peculiar and picturesque style of life'.

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Augustus Earle then spent close to six months back in Sydney before departing on 12 October 1828, on board the ship Rainbow bound for India via the Caroline Islands, Guam, one of the Ladrones, Manila, Singapore and Pulo-Penang, before disembarking at Madras in India.

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Augustus Earle became friends with Charles Darwin, and in April and May 1832 they stayed in a cottage at Botafogo near Rio de Janeiro, but problems with his health forced him to leave the ship at Montevideo in August and return to England.

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Augustus Earle made paintings from some of his sketches, including A Bivouac of Travellers, which he exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1838.

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Augustus Earle died, of asthma and debility, in London on 10 December 1838, aged 45.

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