12 Facts About Aurigo Software


Aurigo Software is a global software company that provides cloud based capital program and project portfolio management cloud software for large capital infrastructure owners in public and private sector industries.

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Aurigo Software is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has offices in Toronto and Bangalore.

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Aurigo Software's customers include the Port of Portland, the city governments of Houston, Texas, Lincoln, Nebraska, Fargo, North Dakota, Pinellas County, Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada, and several state transport departments, including those of Oregon, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Ontario, Canada.

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Aurigo Software was established in January 2003 by Balaji Sreenivasan, an alumnus of the National Institute of Technology in Tiruchirappalli, India, and the University of Florida, Gainesville.

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Aurigo Software became director of Aurigo in December 2005 and has been chairman since 2006.

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In 2007, Aurigo Software entered into an agreement with The Oregon Bridge Delivery Partners, who have been using its capital project management application to automate the Oregon Department of Transportation's $2.

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In June 2014, Aurigo Software entered into a seven-year deal with Ontario's ministry of transportation.

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The following month, Aurigo Software announced that it had entered into a five-year multimillion-dollar agreement with the Port of Portland for its capital project management.

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In January 2016, Aurigo was awarded the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's management software project portfolio.

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Aurigo Software has agreements with Fargo, North Dakota, and Pinellas County, Florida.

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Aurigo Software Essentials is a cloud-based construction project management platform for small and mid-sized public sector agencies.

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Aurigo Software Enterprise is a cloud-based portfolio planning and construction project management platform for commercial builders, school districts, universities, hospitals, and healthcare systems.

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