14 Facts About Bangka Belitung

1. Bangka Belitung is a source of tin, clay, iron ore and silica sands.

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2. Bangka Belitung is popular for its abstract granite boulders and brilliant white sand beaches in Tanjung Tinggi, Tanjung Kelayang, Tanjung Binga and Lengkuas island.

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3. Bangka Belitung is an island on the east coast of Sumatra, Indonesia in the Java Sea.

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4. People of Bangka Belitung Islands are religious people and uphold religious harmony.

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5. Population of Bangka Belitung Islands aged 15 years and above or which includes the Working Age Population in 2007 as many as 766,428 people or 69.25 percent of the total population.

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6. The Chinese in Bangka Belitung were imported in the early 18th century when the mine was officially opened.

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7. The Chinese culture in Bangka Belitung is slightly different from the Chinese in Belitung.

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8. The Chinese in Bangka Belitung are originally from Southern China, especially the Guangdong province, migrating from the 18th century to the early 20th century to have a better job opportunities.

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9. Just like other areas, Bangka Belitung has various stories as events that occur in this place.

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10. Bangka Belitung is an area that has a unique range of cultures and languages.

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11. Bangka Belitung officially became the 31st province of Indonesia in 2000.

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12. Bangka Belitung was a residency within the Dutch East Indies.

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13. Bangka Belitung is bordered by the Bangka Strait to the west, the Natuna Sea to the north, the Java Sea is to the south, and the Karimata Strait to the east.

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14. Bangka Belitung Islands is a province of Indonesia.

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