18 Facts About British Gas

1. British Gas was rated three-and-a-half stars out of five by customers in the 2018 independent survey from uSwitch and YouGov.

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2. British Gas operates under the names Scottish Gas in Scotland.

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3. British Gas clouds had limited penetration, only capable of affecting the front-line trenches before dissipating.

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4. British Gas was employed primarily on the Western Front—the static, confined trench system was ideal for achieving an effective concentration.

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5. British Gas will benefit significantly from these capabilities", Conn said.

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6. British Gas has clearly felt emboldened by the Government's election fiasco, after which it scrapped action against the Big Six suppliers, including a price cap.

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7. British Gas prides itself on being at the heart of the communities it serves.

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8. British Gas is an established brand within the Centrica family, having looked after the homes and businesses of Britain for over 200 years.

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9. British Gas is the UK's leading energy supplier, serving millions of homes across the country, as well as providing energy to hundreds of thousands of UK businesses.

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10. British Gas produced from fields that are considered "difficult" is allowed a higher ceiling, currently.

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11. British Gas have one of the more expensive boiler repair insurance products on the market.

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12. British Gas is an energy supplier for homes across the country.

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13. On 20 September 2015, British Gas launched an advert, including their new mascot, Wilbur the Penguin.

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14. British Gas has actively been involved in sports sponsorship, including a six year deal with the British swimming team which commenced in March 2009, and is expected to net the team £15 million and from 2006 to 2009, it sponsored the Southern Football League of England.

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15. In May 2018, Centrica announced that British Gas had lost 100,000 customers since the start of the year.

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16. In May 2007, British Gas signed a landmark deal which saw 1,000 Volkswagen Caddy vans being supplied to the firm, which were fitted with a bespoke racking system and a speed limiter, designed by Siemens.

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17. British Gas is led by its Managing Director, Mark Hodges, who oversees a business that provides energy and services to eleven million homes, and employs over 28,000 staff based across the United Kingdom.

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18. British Gas is an energy and home services provider in the United Kingdom.

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