13 Facts About Chatham House

1. Chatham House is reputed to be the home of the first Baptist chapel in north Kent, the Zion Baptist Chapel in Clover Street.

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2. Chatham House is situated where the lower part of the dip slope of the North Downs meets the River Medway which at this point is flowing in a south-north direction.

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3. Chatham House is currently part of the parliamentary constituency of Chatham and Aylesford.

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4. Chatham House stands on the A2 road along the line of the ancient Celtic route, which was paved by the Romans, and named Watling Street by the Anglo-Saxons.

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5. Chatham House is one of the Medway towns located within the Medway unitary authority, in North Kent, in South East England.

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6. Chatham House is governed by the open town meeting form of government, administered by an elected Board of Selectmen and an appointed Town Manager.

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7. Chatham House has a warm-summer humid continental climate under the Koppen climate classification bordering an oceanic climate (Cfb), and is located in Hardiness zone 7b.

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8. Chatham House is bordered by Harwich to the west, Pleasant Bay and Orleans to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and Nantucket Sound to the south.

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9. Chatham House is home to the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge, and the decommissioned Monomoy Point Light both located on Monomoy Island.

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10. Chatham House is located at the southeast tip of Cape Cod, and has historically been a fishing community.

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11. In 1926, 14 members of Chatham House represented the United Kingdom at the first conference of the Institute of Pacific Relations, a forum dedicated to the discussion of problems and relations between Pacific nations.

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12. In October 2010 Chatham House published a report entitled Strategy in Austerity: The Security and Defence of the United Kingdom.

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13. In September 2011 Chatham House published a report examining support for populist extremists across Europe and recommending how mainstream political parties could respond.

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