19 Facts About Clearwire Corporation


Clearwire Corporation was a telecommunications operator which provided mobile and fixed wireless broadband communications services to retail and wholesale customers in the United States, Belgium, Ireland and Spain.

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In 2012, Clearwire Corporation moved the company headquarters to Bellevue, Washington.

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Large percentage of Clearwire shares were previously owned by a number of large companies including Sprint Nextel Corporation, Comcast Corporation, Time Warner Cable Inc, Bright House Networks, LLC, Google Inc and Intel Corporation.

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Clearwire Corporation provided services to 88 markets in the United States covering 134 million potential subscribers.

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Clearwire Corporation Technologies was formed by a number of investors including Sierra CEO Jim Gero and Edward "Rusty" Rose, a former co-managing partner of the Texas Rangers.

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Clearwire Corporation Technologies raised about US$100 million from Goldman Sachs, in conjunction with another client who held licenses for spectrum allocated to various educational institutions; the former Instructional Television Fixed Service band now known as EBS or Educational Broadband Service.

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Clearwire Corporation took a $900 million infusion of capital from Intel and Motorola in July 2006, shortly after pulling its initial public offering.

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Clearwire Corporation filed for its initial public offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission in May 2006.

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Clearwire Corporation's underwriters included Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase.

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Clearwire Corporation offered 24 million shares at $25 a share, and raised approximately US$600 million.

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Over a period of approximately six months, a bidding war with DISH Network for Clearwire Corporation occurred, ultimately resulting in Sprint increasing its offer price for Clearwire Corporation to $5 per share.

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In 17 markets in the United States and certain markets in Belgium, Clearwire Corporation provides a service it refers to as "Pre-4G" using a Point-to-Multipoint system from Motorola called "Expedience", part of the MOTOwi4 family of products.

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In January 2011, Clearwire Corporation started offering 4G WiMax service in Spain under the Instanet brand, discontinuing services based on Motorola Expedience technology.

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Clearwire Corporation offered 4G WiMax service in Belgium under the Clearwire Corporation brand.

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Clearwire Corporation offers Expedience based services in 17 markets in the United States and in certain markets in Belgium.

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Clearwire Corporation formerly offered Expedience-based services in Ireland and Denmark until operations in those countries were purchased by Imagine Communications and ERLO Group, respectively.

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In January 2011 Clearwire Corporation discontinued services based on Motorola Expedience technology in Spain in favor of Instanet branded 4G WiMAX service.

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Clearwire Corporation offers its own Voice over IP service in some areas for an additional monthly fee.

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The settlement allows Clearwire Corporation to continue throttling connections under certain circumstances as long as their advertising reflects this.

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