15 Facts About Dutch Republic

1. The Dutch Republic rounded out their diet with the plentiful fish, butter, cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables that were produced domestically.

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2. Dutch Republic conspired with the Bugis of Bone, who were led by Arung Palakka, and succeeded in overthrowing Gowa in 1669.

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3. The first stadtholder of the Dutch Republic was William I of Orange, who joined with Dutch nationalists and led the struggle for independence from Spain.

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4. Dutch Republic were the second colonial power to influence the history of Central Africa.

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5. The Dutch Republic claimed the western half of New Guinea in 1828, but their first permanent administrative posts, at Fakfak and Manokwari, were not set up until 1898.

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6. The Dutch Republic decided not to ally themselves with anyone, and kept out of all European wars especially the First World War that swirled about it.

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7. Dutch Republic banks at this time still held much of the world's capital.

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8. The Dutch Republic recovered their trade, while the English economy was seriously hurt and its treasury nearly bankrupt.

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9. At first many Dutch Republic ships were captured and the English scored great victories.

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10. Dutch Republic was the official language, but a dialect had formed that was quite distinct from Dutch.

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11. The Dutch Republic never recovered from the defeat and no longer posed a large colonial threat to India.

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12. Dutch Republic ships hunted whales off Svalbard, traded spices in India and Indonesia and founded colonies in New Amsterdam (now New York), South Africa and the West Indies.

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13. The Dutch Republic expanded their commercial empire into Africa and Southeast Asia as well, done largely by the Dutch East India Company, instituted in 1602.

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14. The Dutch Republic created a commodities market where the goods being loaded and shipped on the docks could be traded publicly.

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15. Dutch Republic was a confederation of seven provinces, which had their own governments and were very independent, and a number of so-called Generality Lands.

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