24 Facts About Houston Texas

1. Houston Texas was the headquarters of Continental Airlines until its 2010 merger with United Airlines with headquarters in Chicago; regulatory approval for the merger was granted in October of that year.

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2. In 2015, downtown Houston Texas added a cycle track on Lamar Street, running from Sam Houston Park to Discovery Green.

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3. Houston Texas has the largest number of bike commuters in Texas with over 160 miles of dedicated bikeways.

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4. Houston Texas is the seat of the internationally renowned Texas Medical Center, which contains the world's largest concentration of research and healthcare institutions.

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5. Houston Texas is served by the Houston Texas Chronicle, its only major daily newspaper with wide distribution.

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6. University of Houston Texas, located in the Third Ward, is a tier-one public research university and the third-largest institution of higher education in Texas.

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7. Houston Texas hosts a number of graduate schools in law and healthcare.

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8. Houston Texas is one of the country's largest hubs for human trafficking.

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9. Houston Texas is a significant hub for trafficking of cocaine, cannabis, heroin, MDMA, and methamphetamine due to its size and proximity to major illegal drug exporting nations.

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10. In 2009, Houston Texas became the first US city with a population over 1 million citizens to elect a gay mayor, by electing Annise Parker.

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11. Houston Texas is a home rule city and all municipal elections in the state of Texas are nonpartisan.

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12. Houston Texas has sports teams for every major professional league except the National Hockey League.

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13. Houston Texas attracts many touring Broadway acts, concerts, shows, and exhibitions for a variety of interests.

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14. Houston Texas is home to folk artists, art groups and various small progressive arts organizations.

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15. Houston Texas is one of few United States cities with permanent, professional, resident companies in all major performing arts disciplines: opera, ballet (Houston Ballet), music (Houston Symphony Orchestra), and theater (The Alley Theatre, Theatre Under the Stars).

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16. In 2008, Houston Texas received top ranking on Kiplinger's Personal Finance Best Cities of 2008 list, which ranks cities on their local economy, employment opportunities, reasonable living costs, and quality of life.

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17. Houston Texas is the beginning or end point of numerous oil, gas, and products pipelines.

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18. Houston Texas has the fifth-tallest skyline in North America and 36th-tallest in the world as of 2015.

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19. Houston Texas has excessive ozone levels and is routinely ranked among the most ozone-polluted cities in the United States.

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20. On February 14 and 15, 1895, Houston Texas received 20 inches of snow, its largest snowfall from one storm on record.

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21. Houston Texas was founded by land speculators on August 30, 1836, at the confluence of Buffalo Bayou and White Oak Bayou and incorporated as a city on June 5, 1837.

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22. Houston Texas was its own country from 1836 until 1845, when it finally agreed to join the United States.

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23. Houston Texas has a large defense and tech industry, as well as aeronautics and filmmaking.

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24. Houston Texas was governed under a military command during Reconstruction, but Federal forces could not control the anarchy and lawlessness that broke out after the war.

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