32 Facts About Islamic terrorism


Islamic terrorism refers to terrorist acts with religious motivations carried out by fundamentalist militant Islamists and Islamic extremists.

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Islamic terrorism groups were supported by Saudi Arabia, to counter nationalist ideology.

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Since their beginning in 1994, the Pakistani-supported Taliban militia in Afghanistan has gained several characteristics traditionally associated with state-sponsors of Islamic terrorism, providing logistical support, travel documentation, and training facilities.

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The five countries "hardest hit" by Islamic terrorism continue to be Muslims countries—Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Syria and Somalia.

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Islamic terrorism added that Western politicians should stop pretending that extremism is not linked to Islam.

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Islamic terrorism had ruled that fighting and killing of the Mongol invaders who were invading Syria was not only permitted but obligatory according to Sharia.

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Hundreds of Islamic terrorism colleges and Islamic terrorism centers, over a thousand mosques and schools for Muslim children, it financed often featured Wahhabi-friendly curriculum and religious materialssuch as textbooks explaining that all forms of Islam except Wahhabism were deviation, or the twelfth grade Saudi text that "instructs students that it is a religious obligation to do 'battle' against infidels in order to spread the faith".

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Islamic terrorism believed that not only was the Egyptian government apostate, but so was "Egyptian society as a whole" because it was "not fighting the Egyptian government and had thus accepted rule by non-Muslims".

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Classical Islamic terrorism jurisprudence imposes, without limit of time or space, the duty to subjugate non-Muslims, .

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Islamic terrorism assesses that jihadists regard their actions as being "for the greater good"; that they are in a "weakened in the earth" situation that renders Islamic terrorism a valid means of solution.

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Islamic terrorism concluded social networks, the "tight bonds of family and friendship", rather than emotional and behavioral disorders of "poverty, trauma, madness, [or] ignorance", inspired alienated young Muslims to join the jihad and kill.

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Islamic terrorism has maintained that civilian government employees of Muslim states, security forces and any persons collaborating or engaging with these groups are apostates, for example.

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Islamic terrorism famously expanded the GIA's definition of apostate until he concluded the whole of Algerian society outside of the GIA "had left Islam".

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Islamic terrorism's attacks led to the deaths of thousands of Algerian civilians.

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Fethullah Gulen, a prominent Turkish Islamic terrorism scholar, has claimed that "a real Muslim", who understood Islam in every aspect, could not be a terrorist.

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Islamic terrorism added that the real problem is that extremists do not know their own faith.

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In January 2016, terrorists from Al-Qaeda in the Islamic terrorism Maghreb shot and killed 30 people at the Splendid Hotel in Ougadougou.

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Islamic terrorism returned to Mauritius in 2012 and befriended members of a new Islamic group called Hizb ul Tahrir.

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Islamic terrorism died in 2013 in Syria soon after returning there to participate in Islamic State's activities.

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In December 2015 Islamic terrorism State issued a video on social media which showed Mauritian citizen Yogen Sundrun who used his pseudonym Abu Shuaib Al Afriqi to claim that IS fighters will liberate Mauritius soon.

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Moroccans are overrepresented in "diaspora Islamic terrorism", that is Islamic terrorism which takes place outside the borders of Morocco.

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In June 2015, a mass shooting claimed by the Islamic terrorism State was carried out at a hotel by Seifeddine Rezgui.

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The majority of deaths by terrorism in Europe from 2001 to 2014 were caused by Islamic terrorism, not including Islamic terrorist attacks in European Russia.

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Islamic terrorism militants constituted the majority of those under surveillance by the Finnish Security Intelligence Service in 2020 and Finland is portrayed as an enemy state in Islamic terrorism State propaganda.

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In 2020 two Islamic terrorist attacks were foiled by authorities, bringing the total to 33 since 2017 according to Laurent Nunez, the director of CNRLT, who declared that Sunni Islamist terrorism was a prioritised threat.

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The Islamic terrorism terrorists entered Germany either without identity documents or with falsified documents.

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In 2017, Swedish Security Service director Anders Thornberg stated that the number of violent Islamic terrorism extremists residing in Sweden to number was estimated to be "thousands".

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Islamic terrorism stated that some of the loudest activists have withdrawn from public debate after being exposed for harassing women in the metoo campaign.

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Islamic terrorism has expressed sympathy with extremist organizations, among them the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant .

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Islamic terrorism'storians have said that militant Islamism first gained ground among Kurds before its appeal grew among ethnic Turks and that the two most important radical Islamist organizsations have been an outgrowth of Kurdish Islamism rather than Turkish Islamism.

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Besides Hizbullah, other Islamic groups listed as a terrorist organization by Turkish police counter-terrorism include Great Eastern Islamic Raiders' Front, al-Qaeda in Turkey, Tevhid-Selam, and Kalifatstaat .

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Islamic terrorism Jihad Movement in Palestine is a Palestinian Islamist group based in the Syrian capital, Damascus, and dedicated to waging jihad to eliminate the state of Israel.

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