28 Facts About Julia Carpenter


Julia Carpenter is a fictional superheroine character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Julia Carpenter was among the villains and was unknown to all other characters.

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Julia Carpenter battled the Absorbing Man, Doctor Doom, and the Hulk.

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Julia Carpenter was killed and resurrected by Doom with the power of the Beyonder.

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Julia Carpenter met and assisted the Avengers West Coast against the Pacific Overlords, and battled US Agent.

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Julia Carpenter was eventually offered membership in the team, and joined the Avengers West Coast.

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Julia Carpenter had a relationship with Moonraker during this time.

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Julia Carpenter's status is discovered when a captured Prowler reveals under interrogation that she tipped him off.

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Marvel, reveals that Julia Carpenter was paralyzed for several months after she lost her powers, even though all of her other injuries had healed.

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Julia Carpenter is subsequently defeated by Arana with surprising ease due to her instability from losing her daughter.

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Julia Carpenter is then captured by the Kravinoffs, along with Anya Corazon and Madame Web as Kaine is sacrificed to resurrect Kraven the Hunter.

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Julia Carpenter tells Spider-Man to return to Horizon Labs for a great tragedy lies in his future.

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Julia Carpenter even tells Spider-Man that Silver Sable did not perish in the fight at Doctor Octopus' underwater hideout.

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Julia Carpenter later detected that a new spider-based character has connected to the Web of Life as it shows that former Hobgoblin Roderick Kingsley was now working as Devil Spider.

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Prowler angers Julia Carpenter by severing the connection to stop her from looking more into New U Technologies.

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Julia Carpenter finds out Madame Web was alive from telepathic feedback resulting from the attack of the female Electro.

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Julia Carpenter helps Prowler break into New U Technologies and takes Prowler to his room to get his pills.

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Julia Carpenter is led to Madame Web, who refuses to take her medication to aid her in healing from Electro's attack.

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Madame Web has seen the future and refuses to be a part of it, and warns Julia Carpenter to save Prowler before she dies from clone degeneration.

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Julia Carpenter confronts Prowler in the facility, who is breaking down from clone degeneration and accuses her of being the culprit.

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Julia Carpenter tries to defeat her and Julia is left no choice but to fight back.

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Prowler was in an alley when he proves too weak to continue and he was found by the murderous Electro, Julia Carpenter arrives and fends Electro off as she tells Prowler that Spider-Man's stabilized the human and clone cells.

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Julia Carpenter possesses the ability to spin a "psi-web" of psionic energy between two surfaces.

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Julia Carpenter has heightened senses, and feels vibrations as does a spider in its web.

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Julia Carpenter's senses allow her to detect a hollow area under a solid steel floor by walking over it.

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Julia Carpenter is able to fly by unknown means as she does not have the glider-webs Jessica Drew uses to glide.

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Julia Carpenter is a member of a superhero team whose members include Punisher, Daredevil, and Rhino.

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Julia Carpenter has retired as Spider-Woman, and seeks Peter Parker's aid in order to convince Jessica Drew's child, Gerry Drew to halt his identity as Spider-Man, due to his terminal illness.

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