48 Facts About LaTroy Hawkins


LaTroy Hawkins was born on December 21,1972 and is an American former professional baseball pitcher.

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LaTroy Hawkins debuted with the team in 1995 and reached the major leagues for good in 1997.

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LaTroy Hawkins struggled as the Twins' closer in 2001 but found better success thereafter in a setup role, posting a career-low 1.

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LaTroy Hawkins was traded to the Giants in 2005 and served as a setup man again for various teams for the next few seasons.

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LaTroy Hawkins reached the World Series with the Rockies in 2007, though the team was swept by the Boston Red Sox in four games.

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LaTroy Hawkins joined the Yankees in 2008, struggled, and was traded to the Astros, where he was very effective.

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LaTroy Hawkins signed a two-year contract with the Brewers after the season and reached the playoffs with Milwaukee again in 2011.

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LaTroy Hawkins made their roster and had become their closer by the end of the year.

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LaTroy Hawkins' father was absent, and he was raised primarily by his mother, Debra, and his maternal grandparents.

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LaTroy Hawkins participated in track and field and the 1600 meters relay while in high school.

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LaTroy Hawkins was drafted straight out of high school by the Minnesota Twins in the seventh round of the 1991 Major League Baseball draft and received a $47,500 signing bonus.

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LaTroy Hawkins spent the next four years in the Twins' minor league system before making the team's starting rotation out of spring training in 1995.

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LaTroy Hawkins's MLB debut on April 29,1995, was a disastrous start against the Baltimore Orioles, where he gave up seven earned runs on seven hits in only.

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LaTroy Hawkins began 1996 in the Twins' rotation as well, and struck out 10 batters in a win over the Detroit Tigers on April 25.

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LaTroy Hawkins had the worst walks plus hits per inning pitched figure among Twins starters, with a 1.

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LaTroy Hawkins won 10 games this time but lost 14 again, and his 6.

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LaTroy Hawkins led the AL in earned runs allowed, and his 14 losses were tied with four other pitchers for fourth in the AL.

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LaTroy Hawkins appeared in 65 games, winning all six of his decisions, posting a 2.

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LaTroy Hawkins appeared in four games in the AL Championship Series against the Anaheim Angels as well, but his ERA was 20.

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In Game 1, LaTroy Hawkins was awarded the win after pitching a scoreless seventh and eighth innings.

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However, LaTroy Hawkins blew nine saves, including two during a late-season losing streak that cost the Cubs the wild card.

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LaTroy Hawkins feuded with fans and media, and his relationship with both deteriorated.

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LaTroy Hawkins converted four saves early in the 2005 season but blew an equal number of opportunities.

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LaTroy Hawkins made three appearances for the Rockies in the NLDS and NLCS, pitching a scoreless seventh inning each time as the Rockies won seven straight games to earn a trip to the World Series.

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LaTroy Hawkins became the first Yankee to wear that number since outfielder Paul O'Neill in 2001.

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LaTroy Hawkins was ejected by home plate umpire Chuck Meriwether, and Scott accused him of deliberately throwing the ball over his head, though LaTroy Hawkins said he was just pitching inside.

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LaTroy Hawkins was suspended by MLB for three games and fined an undisclosed amount.

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LaTroy Hawkins signed a one-year deal with the Astros to return for the 2009 season.

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Just before the 2009 World Baseball Classic began in March, LaTroy Hawkins was added to the roster for the United States national baseball team when Joe Nathan had to drop out because of a sore shoulder.

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LaTroy Hawkins pitched in four games in the tournament, winning one and posting a 7.

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From late April through the middle of June 2009, LaTroy Hawkins served as Houston's closer, as regular closer Jose Valverde was sidelined with a calf injury.

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From July 28 through August 12,2009, LaTroy Hawkins was on the disabled list because of back pain caused by shingles.

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On December 16,2009, LaTroy Hawkins signed a two-year contract with the Milwaukee Brewers that was worth $7.

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LaTroy Hawkins served as the eighth-inning setup man for John Axford in 2011.

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On January 6,2012, LaTroy Hawkins agreed to a one-year, $3 million contract with the Los Angeles Angels for the 2012 season.

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Unable to get a major league contract in 2013, LaTroy Hawkins signed a minor league deal with invitation to spring training with the Mets on January 31.

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LaTroy Hawkins considered retiring rather than accepting the minor league contract, but his agent told him to reconsider for 24 hours, and Hawkins decided ""Next time I leave this game, I'm gonna leave on my own terms.

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LaTroy Hawkins opened 2015 as the closer but was removed from the role on April 13 after blowing saves in two of his first three appearances.

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LaTroy Hawkins surpassed Darren Oliver as the oldest Blue Jay to record a save.

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LaTroy Hawkins finished the game against the Orioles on September 30 that clinched the AL East division championship, pitching an inning and striking out Ryan Flaherty to end the game and give Toronto its first AL East championship since 1993.

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In Game 2 of the ALDS, LaTroy Hawkins entered the game at the beginning of the 14th inning, retiring the first two hitters for the Texas Rangers before allowing three straight singles.

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LaTroy Hawkins made two appearances in the ALCS but allowed five runs in one inning pitched as the Blue Jays were eliminated in five games by the Royals.

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LaTroy Hawkins threw a curveball, a slider, and a changeup, all of which travelled in the 70 miles per hour range.

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LaTroy Hawkins visited Sewood whenever he played against the nearby Detroit Tigers.

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LaTroy Hawkins is the godfather of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, whose father, Pat Mahomes, was a teammate of his on the Minnesota Twins.

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LaTroy Hawkins is good friends with Torii Hunter, his teammate for several years with the Twins.

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LaTroy Hawkins offered financial help to a young mother with two children whose home had been ruined by the hurricane.

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LaTroy Hawkins has given nearly $30,000 to Gary Youth Baseball, which runs the city's Little League teams.

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