15 Facts About Los Angeles Chargers

1. Los Angeles Chargers are a professional American football team based in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

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2. The Los Angeles Chargers were the originators of the term "Fearsome Foursome" to describe their all-star defensive line, anchored by Faison and Ernie Ladd.

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3. Additionally, the Los Angeles Chargers acquired quarterback Stan Humphries in a trade with the Washington Redskins.

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4. Jones left the team at the end of the season to coach at the University of Hawaii and the Los Angeles Chargers named former Oregon State University head coach Mike Riley as their new head coach.

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5. Quarterback Jim Harbaugh, who was acquired in a trade with the Baltimore Ravens for a conditional draft choice in 2000, became the Los Angeles Chargers starting quarterback.

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6. In 2003, the Los Angeles Chargers traded Seau to the Dolphins for a draft pick in 2004 NFL Draft.

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7. On January 5, 2014, the Los Angeles Chargers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium to advance to the AFC Divisional Playoff Round.

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8. On February 3, 2022, the Los Angeles Chargers hired longtime Vikings special teams coordinator Ryan Ficken.

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9. On October 27, 2003, the Los Angeles Chargers wore their navy pants with their navy jersey for a Monday Night Football game versus the Miami Dolphins that was played at Sun Devil Stadium, then the home of the Arizona Cardinals, due to wildfires in southern California.

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10. In 2001, the Los Angeles Chargers started wearing their dark uniforms for preseason games and white uniforms in September home games due to the heat before switching back to dark in October.

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11. In March 2007, the Los Angeles Chargers unveiled their first uniform redesign since 1988, on the team's official website.

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12. From 2002 to 2006, the Los Angeles Chargers used the early-1960s powder blue uniforms as alternate jerseys, which many football fans clamored for the team to bring back full-time.

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13. In 2009, in honor of their 50th anniversary as one of the eight original AFL teams, the Los Angeles Chargers wore their 1963 throwback uniforms for three games.

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14. Recent notable honors with current members of the Los Angeles Chargers include NFL Rookie of the Year in 2016 for Joey Bosa and in 2020 for Justin Herbert (Offensive) along with NFL Comeback Player of the Year for Keenan Allen in 2017.

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15. In 2020, the Los Angeles Chargers signed a multi-year preseason TV deal with KCBS-TV and KCAL-TV and will have a weekly show with the latest team news, replacing KABC-TV after three seasons of televising Los Angeles Chargers preseason football.

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