15 Facts About The Chargers

1. The Chargers would contribute a $200 million stadium loan from the NFL and personal seat license fees to the construction costs and would pay $1 per year in rent to the Rams.

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2. The Chargers were given a one-year approval to relocate, conditioned on negotiating a lease agreement with the Rams or an agreement to partner with the Rams on the new stadium construction.

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3. The Chargers lost to the Cincinnati Bengals and Minnesota Vikings on the road before defeating the Cleveland Browns on a last second field goal.

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4. The Chargers made offseason changes including a new General Manager, Tom Telesco, and head coach, Mike McCoy, the former offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos.

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5. The Chargers rebounded on the road against their division rival Oakland Raiders.

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6. The Chargers agreed to a trade on draft day with the New York Giants.

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7. The Chargers coveted Eli Manning and wanted to select him with their first round pick, which was the first overall pick of the draft.

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8. The Chargers traded several players and draft choices to the Arizona Cardinals in order to move up to the second pick and select Leaf.

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9. The Chargers selected Kevin Gilbride to become their new head coach.

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10. The Chargers had upset victories over the Dolphins and Steelers in the AFC playoffs.

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11. The Chargers were led by quarterback Dan Fouts who made the Pro Bowl for the third year in a row, setting an NFL single-season record at that time of 4,802 yards and 33 touchdowns.

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12. The Chargers led the league in passing yards an NFL record six consecutive years from 1978 to 1983 and again in 1985.

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13. The Chargers were the originators of the term "Fearsome Foursome" to describe their all-star defensive line, anchored by Faison and Ernie Ladd.

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14. Los Angeles The Chargers were established with seven other American Football League teams in 1959.

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15. Los Angeles The Chargers are a professional American football team based in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

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