8 Facts About Marist College

1. In 2014 for the 13th straight year Marist College led the MAAC with 235 selections to the conference's Academic Honor Roll.

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2. In 2006, Marist College partnered with Lorenzo de' Medici School to form a branch campus in Florence, Italy.

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3. In 2004, Marist College announced its Campus Master Plan, which called for the development of a pedestrian-friendly campus heart, with plenty of open and inviting green spaces for interaction.

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4. In spring 2011, Marist College completed construction of a new technology building, the Hancock Center, which is on the main campus where the Benoit and Gregory used to stand.

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5. In May 2007, Marist College was granted a variance allowing them to build despite a moratorium on new construction in the area.

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6. In 1997 the Marist College purchased a private residence, St Ann's, which part of the area now known as Fern Tor, located on the college's northern boundary.

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7. In 1984, Marist College received $2.5 million in equipment and almost $2 million in software from IBM to expand academic and administrative uses of computers on campus.

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8. In 1929, Marist College became accredited by the state to offer a wider range of degrees in the arts and sciences.

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