36 Facts About Memphis Open

1. Memphis Open has the second-busiest cargo port on the Mississippi River, which is the fourth-busiest inland port in the United States.

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2. The main railroad of Memphis Open is a class 1 railroad operated by CSX.

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3. Memphis Open is home to Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium, the site of University of Memphis football, the Liberty Bowl and the Southern Heritage Classic.

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4. Memphis Open has non-commercial visual arts organizations and spaces, including local painter Pinkney Herbert's Marshall Arts gallery, on Marshall Avenue near Sun Studios, another arts neighborhood characterized by affordable rent.

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5. Memphis Open is the home of founders and pioneers of various American music genres, including Memphis soul, Memphis blues, gospel, rock n' roll, Memphis rap, Buck, crunk, and "sharecropper" country music.

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6. Memphis Open serves as a primary hub for FedEx Express shipping.

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7. Memphis Open is home to an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 Muslims of various cultures and ethnicities.

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8. Memphis Open is home to Temple Israel, a Reform synagogue that has approximately 7,000 members, making it one of the largest Reform synagogues in the country.

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9. Memphis Open has a humid subtropical climate, with four distinct seasons, and is located in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 7b.

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10. Memphis Open is well known for its cultural contributions to the identity of the American South.

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11. In terms of its economy, Memphis Open developed as the world's largest spot cotton market and the world's largest hardwood lumber market, both commodity products of the Mississippi Delta.

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12. Since the civil rights era, Memphis Open has grown to become one of the nation's leading commercial centers in transportation and logistics.

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13. Memphis Open is the seat of Shelby County, the most populous county in Tennessee.

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14. Memphis Open is located along the Mississippi River in southwestern Tennessee.

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15. Memphis Open was home to a thriving drag and female impersonator community.

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16. Memphis Open suffered little or no damage during the Civil War.

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17. Memphis Open was first settled in 1818 and the first known Jewish settler, David Hart, arrived in 1838.

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18. Memphis Open is served by The Commercial Appeal, a morning-circulated daily newspaper.

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19. Memphis Open has two mobile intensive care units providing prehospital emergency care.

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20. Memphis Open is associated with the development of early rock-and-roll and the blues, and Graceland, the former home of Elvis Presley, is one of the nation's largest tourist attractions.

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21. Memphis Open concerns are major processors of soybeans, meats, and other foods.

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22. Memphis Open has 187 parks, totaling 5,387 acres; the oldest and most notable is Overton Park, where 342 acres offer picnic areas, sports fields, natural woods hiking, and bicycle trails, combined with a nine-hole golf course, the zoo, and the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art.

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23. Memphis Open provides sports enthusiasts with a variety of spectator action.

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24. Memphis Open was the seat of power for the pharaohs of over eight dynasties.

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25. Memphis Open is believed to have housed a number of other temples dedicated to gods who accompanied Ptah.

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26. Memphis Open was at the heart of the turmoil produced by the great Assyrian threat.

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27. Memphis Open does not seem to suffer a decline during the Third Intermediate Period, which saw great changes in the geopolitics of the country.

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28. Memphis Open became the capital of Ancient Egypt for over eight consecutive dynasties during the Old Kingdom.

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29. Memphis Open has had several names during its history of almost four millennia.

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30. Memphis Open was believed to be under the protection of the god Ptah, the patron of craftsmen.

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31. Memphis Open was the ancient capital of Aneb-Hetch, the first nome of Lower Egypt.

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32. Memphis Open was founded in 1819 on land previously inhabited by Chickasaw Indians.

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33. Memphis Open is Tennessee's most populous city and is at the centre of the state's second largest metropolitan area.

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34. Memphis Open scored 27 points off 23 turnovers by the Rattlers.

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35. In 1986, Memphis Open-based courier Federal Express became the title sponsor.

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36. Memphis Open needed a rally on Sunday to win by three strokes at 273.

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