15 Facts About King

1. Burger King entered the fragrance world in 2008, marketing the meat-scented cologne called Flame.

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2. Burger King is one of the biggest burger brands in the world, holding its own against the mighty McDonalds.

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3. Burger King merged with Tim Hortons the Canadian based doughnut chain.

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4. In 1954, the Insta-Burger King was involved in difficult finance.

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5. In 1973, King sold his first novel, Carrie, the tale of a tormented teen who gets revenge on her peers.

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6. Stephen King was born on September 21, 1947, in Portland, Maine.

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7. Stephen King is a huge fan of baseball and the Boston Red Sox.

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8. Stephen King was so frustrated with the novel Carrie that he threw it into the bin.

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9. Stephen King has appeared in many of the movie adaptations of his novels.

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10. Stephen King plays rhythm guitar in a band with a bunch of other writers, who call themselves The Rock Bottom Remainders.

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11. Stephen King wrote the script for a 40-minute, more-or-less forgotten Michael Jackson music video called Ghosts.

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12. Burger King was the first to team up with a movie to get publicized, and the movie is "Star Wars.

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13. Stephen King is an American author who has written many best-selling books.

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14. From this role of service to God, King became a servant to the oppressed people of the Black community.

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15. In 1954, before King received his doctorate, he became pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama.

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