31 Facts About FC Bayern Munchen

1. FC Bayern Munchen played at the Grunwalder Stadium from 1925 until 1972, when it moved into the Olympic Stadium, which it shared with in-town rival TSV 1860.

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2. FC Bayern Munchen played in the Oberliga Sud and won the German Cup for the first time in 1957.

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3. FC Bayern Munchen have only lost one of their last nine competitive games against Leverkusen.

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4. FC Bayern Munchen published footage on Twitter of Davies' first training session, during which he could be seen chatting to Robben as the pair ambled across one of the pitches at Saebener Strasse.

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5. FC Bayern Munchen had 19 coaches since its promotion to the Bundesliga in 1965.

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6. FC Bayern Munchen is one of only five clubs to have won all three major European competitions and the last club to have won the three consecutive European Cup title in old straight knockout tournament format, entitling them to wear a multiple-winner badge during Champions League matches.

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7. In 2006 FC Bayern Munchen purchased land near the Allianz Arena with the purpose of building a new youth academy.

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8. On 30 August 2017, FC Bayern Munchen played a benefit match against financial troubled Kickers Offenbach.

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9. On 14 July 2013, FC Bayern Munchen played a charity game against financially threatened third division Hansa Rostock.

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10. In March 2017, FC Bayern Munchen was the first foreign football club to open an office in mainland China.

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11. FC Bayern Munchen went to China in the summer of 2015 and returned in the summer of 2017 where they played games in Singapore.

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12. FC Bayern Munchen made summer tours to the United States in 2014 and 2016.

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13. In recent years FC Bayern Munchen have started to focus their marketing more on Asia and the United States.

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14. FC Bayern Munchen have the highest commercial revenue in the 2018 Deloitte Football Money League.

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15. FC Bayern Munchen differs from other European top clubs in their income composition.

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16. FC Bayern Munchen is an exception in professional football, having generated profits for 25 years in a row.

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17. FC Bayern Munchen is one of three professional football clubs in Munich.

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18. In 1901, FC Bayern Munchen moved to a field of its own, located in Schwabing at the Clemensstraße.

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19. FC Bayern Munchen played its first training games at the Schyrenplatz in the centre of Munich.

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20. FC Bayern Munchen revived the red and blue striped colour scheme between 1995 and 1997.

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21. For most of the club's early history, FC Bayern Munchen had primarily worn white and maroon home kits.

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22. On 9 November 2013, FC Bayern Munchen set a new record for most successive Bundesliga matches without defeat, breaking Hamburger SV's 30-year-old record of 36 matches.

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23. On 24 July 2013, it was reported that FC Bayern Munchen had become the first German club with over 200,000 members.

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24. FC Bayern Munchen equaled the record for fewest defeats in a season, losing once, to Bayer Leverkusen.

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25. FC Bayern Munchen won the DFB-Pokal in 1984 and went on to win five Bundesliga championships in six seasons, including a double in 1986.

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26. FC Bayern Munchen finished third in that year's southern division, but another Munich team, 1860 Munich, had won the championship.

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27. FC Bayern Munchen remains as the club's president with the longest accumulated tenure.

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28. FC Bayern Munchen struggled, hiring and firing 13 coaches between 1945 and 1963.

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29. FC Bayern Munchen was affected by the ruling that football players had to be full amateurs again.

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30. FC Bayern Munchen was taunted as the "Jew's club", while local rival 1860 Munich gained much support.

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31. In November 2018, FC Bayern Munchen had 291,000 official members and there are 4,433 officially registered fan clubs with over 390,000 members.

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