10 Facts About Souness

1. Graeme Souness was created on, may 6, 1953 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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2. Graeme Souness is a former Scottish football player.

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3. Graeme Souness has revealed why he believes Liverpool have not hit top form so far this season.

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4. Graeme Souness insists that the Premier League title race is only between Liverpool and Manchester City.

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5. In 1998, Souness was included in the Football League 100 Legends list.

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6. In 2010, Souness sold the family home in Colinton to Fred Goodwin, and moved to a newly developed property in Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset.

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7. In 1985, Souness wrote an autobiography called No Half Measures.

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8. In 1997, Souness was signed by Benfica's new chairman Joao Vale e Azevedo, who promised to return the club to its former glory.

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9. In 2009, Souness said of his time as Rangers' manager, "When I look back on my actions and antics at Ibrox I bordered on being out of order.

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10. In 1991, Souness left Rangers to take over as manager of Liverpool.

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