23 Facts About Cambridge Analytica

1. Cambridge Analytica is a political consulting and data firm based in the United Kingdom.

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2. Cambridge Analytica has since denied the allegations made in the New York Times and Observer reports.

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3. Cambridge Analytica has denied any of this data was used in connection to the Trump campaign.

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4. In a statement, Cambridge Analytica said Wylie left the company to found a rival firm.

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5. Cambridge Analytica is an offshoot of SCL Group, a government and military contractor that says it works on everything from food security research to counter-narcotics to political campaigns.

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6. Cambridge Analytica boasted that it had 5,000 data points on every American, information that allowed hyper-accurate online targeting of voters likely to line up behind Trump.

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7. Cambridge Analytica is a London based company, founded by Steve Bannon and Alexander Nix and funded by Robert Mercer.

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8. Cambridge Analytica has denied wrongdoing, blaming the media for their closure.

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9. Cambridge Analytica said none of the data was used in the 2016 presidential election.

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10. Cambridge Analytica said that its contract with GSR stipulated that Kogan should seek informed consent for data collection and it had no reason to believe he would not.

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11. Cambridge Analytica is a British company which set up an outpost in Massachusetts funded by Republican megadonors Steve and Rebekah Mercer.

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12. Cambridge Analytica is in the news for their connection to the 2016 Trump presidential campaign and possible misdeeds connected to it.

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13. Cambridge Analytica targeted users, friends and lookalikes directly with digital ads.

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14. Cambridge Analytica dialed up what Karpf called the creepiness factor.

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15. Cambridge Analytica is an independent US entity which works with SCL Elections as an affiliate to service the North American political market.

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16. Cambridge Analytica has since denied any of Kogan's data was used in connection to the Trump campaign.

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17. Cambridge Analytica is reportedly trying to stop the Channel 4 broadcast.

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18. In a statement, Cambridge Analytica responded to the Facebook statement by saying:.

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19. Cambridge Analytica has previously said it only licensed data of around 30 million people.

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20. Cambridge Analytica is based in the UK, and yet Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly declined to appear in front of Parliament.

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21. In India, Cambridge Analytica had been used by the two largest political parties, BJP and Congress to carry out "in-depth electorate analysis" and influence voters, including in the 2010 elections to the Bihar Legislative Assembly.

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22. Cambridge Analytica was founded by conservative businessmen Steve Bannon and Robert Mercer.

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23. Cambridge Analytica was incorporated in January 2015 with its registered office in Westferry Circus, London and just one staff member, its director and CEO Alexander James Ashburner Nix ( appointed in January 2015).

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