34 Facts About John Rambo

1. John Rambo inspired the character named Yousef Rambu from currently developed Kuwaiti action movie Second Blood.

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2. John Rambo has become the quintessential representation of America during the Reagan years.

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3. John Rambo is seen walking along an Arizona highway until he sees a horse farm and a rusted mailbox.

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4. John Rambo refuses, having lost all faith in humanity at this point, but he is convinced by Sarah Miller to take them.

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5. John Rambo makes a living capturing snakes and selling them in a nearby village.

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6. John Rambo survives the explosion and gets out of the tank.

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7. The film ends as John Rambo walks off into the distance while his mentor watches him.

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8. John Rambo gains control of the helicopter and flies it back to the POW camp to rescue the remaining POWs.

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9. When John Rambo calls for extraction, he is denied, as Murdock fears what will happen to him and his party if the American public learn about Murdock's activities.

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10. John Rambo is then told that an agent of the US government will be there to receive him in the jungles of Vietnam.

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11. John Rambo tells Rambo that he is only to photograph the POWs and not to rescue them, nor is he to engage any enemy soldiers.

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12. John Rambo tells Trautman how they were in a bar, talking about his friend's Chevy and driving to Las Vegas in it, when a boy came in with a booby-trapped shoeshine box.

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13. John Rambo shoots back at Teasle through the ceiling, critically injuring him.

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14. John Rambo takes out the police station's power before making his way inside.

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15. John Rambo spots Teasle on the station roof after destroying a gun shop and makes his way to the police station.

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16. John Rambo blocks the highway to anyone in pursuit, by igniting the spilled fuel.

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17. John Rambo is eventually cornered by the National Guard in a mine entrance where he is hiding.

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18. John Rambo tells Teasle to "Let it go" and give up his pursuit.

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19. John Rambo says he wants no more trouble, and begins to back away, but the men open fire; Rambo flees into the woods, with Teasle and his deputies in pursuit.

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20. John Rambo takes Galt's gun, tends his injuries, and eventually confronts the lawmen on the cliff above.

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21. John Rambo realizes that he is the last surviving member of his Special Forces unit.

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22. John Rambo goes to Barry's home but is told by his mother that he died from cancer due to Agent Orange exposure.

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23. John Rambo dies satisfied that he has come to a fitting end.

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24. John Rambo flees, steals a motorcycle, and hides in the nearby mountains.

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25. John Rambo is picked up by Sheriff Teasle and dropped off at the city limits.

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26. John Rambo finally received his official military discharge on September 17, 1974.

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27. John Rambo became part of a Special Forces Long-range reconnaissance patrol unit commanded by Colonel Trautman.

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28. In late 1969, John Rambo was re-deployed to Vietnam as member of a SOG brigade.

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29. John Rambo enlisted in the US Army at the age of 19 on August 6, 1964, although he states in Rambo IV he was "drafted into Vietnam.

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30. John Rambo was born on July 6, 1947 in Bowie, Arizona, to an Italian father and a Navajo mother Marie Drago.

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31. John Rambo is an expert in guerrilla tactics, weapons, and hand-to-hand combat.

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32. John Rambo is an expert in surviving in dense forests against a large number of enemies due to his experiences in the Vietnam War.

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33. John Rambo has a high amount of strength and stamina.

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34. The name John Rambo was likely derived from a shortened form of Ramberget plus "bo" (meaning "resident of").

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