30 Facts About Communist Party

1. Communist Party has a history of working with "religious activists and communities of faith".

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2. Communist Party related trade union AITUC became a prominent force to unite the workers in textile, municipal and unorganised sectors, the first labour union in unorganised sector was emerged in the leadership of Comrade Guru Radha Kishan during this period in Delhi's Sadar Bazaar area.

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3. Communist Party was reorganised in 1933, after the communist leaders from the Meerut trials were released.

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4. Communist Party used its influence among London's Dockers to combat Enoch Powell's racist scaremongering about 'funeral pyres' and rivers 'foaming with much blood'.

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5. Towards the end of 1959, the Communist Party responded to an appeal from the African National Congress to campaign for the boycott of goods from apartheid South Africa.

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6. The Communist Party helped uncover the ongoing trend to monopoly in the British economy, now being driven by US transnationals—not least in the motor industry.

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7. The Communist Party went into action as troops were used to break transport and power strikes.

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8. Communist Party now began to reorganise itself, with factory, ward and street groups to be coordinated by local Branches and a Branch Committee.

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9. Communist Party was adamantly opposed to fascism during the Popular Front period.

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10. The Communist Party abandoned its opposition to the New Deal, provided many of the organizers for the Congress of Industrial Organizations and began supporting African American civil rights.

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11. In 1932, the retiring head of the party, William Z Foster, published a book entitled Toward Soviet America, which laid out the Communist Party's plans for revolution and the building of a new socialist society based on the model of Soviet Russia.

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12. The Communist Party devoted much of its energy in the Great Depression to organizing the unemployed, attempting to found "red" unions, championing the rights of African Americans and fighting evictions of farmers and the working poor.

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13. The Communist Party was forced underground and took to the use of pseudonyms and secret meetings in an effort to evade the authorities.

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14. The Communist Party remains active, but it never recovered the influence it had during its height in the 1930s and 1940s.

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15. The Communist Party lost, in effect, virtually an entire generation that might have bridged the gap to the New left.

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16. Communist Party had an unrepresentative geographic spread, being concentrated mainly in a few urban areas, particularly New York.

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17. Under the Democratic Front policy the Communist Party worked with all other democratic forces to rally new levels of popular support for Soviet-American cooperation.

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18. The Communist Party lost widely on several other fronts, for a variety of international reasons.

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19. Along the way, the Communist Party had critically reduced its ethnic base in a variety of ways.

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20. The Communist Party has an unparalleled history in the progressive movement of the United States, from the struggle against Jim Crow segregation, the organizing of the industrial unions, from the canneries of California, to the sweatshops of New York City.

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21. Communist Party has its origins in the historical May Fourth Movement of 1919, when certain political systems such as communism and anarchism gained power among Chinese intellectuals and analysts.

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22. Communist Party opposed the United States involvement in the early stages of World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the invasion of Grenada and American support for anti-communist military dictatorships and movements in Central America.

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23. Communist Party played a significant role in defending the rights of African Americans during its heyday in the 1930s and 1940s.

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24. Communist Party organized by districts that did not coincide with state lines, initially dividing the country into 15 districts identified with a headquarters city with an additional "Agricultural District".

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25. Communist Party garnered support in particular communities, developing a unique geography.

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26. Communist Party does not believe that the threat of terrorism can be resolved through war.

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27. Communist Party emphasizes a vision of socialism as an extension of American democracy.

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28. Communist Party attempted to recover with its opposition to the Vietnam War during the civil rights movement in the 1960s, but its continued uncritical support for an increasingly stultified and militaristic Soviet Union increasingly alienated it from the rest of the left-wing in the United States, which saw this supportive role as outdated and even dangerous.

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29. Communist Party holds rally to support Canada Post workers in Ottawa.

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30. Communist Party said she had to attend party-building activities in her previous and present positions.

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