20 Facts About Stalin

1. Joseph Stalin was leader of the Soviet Union between 1922 and 1953.

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2. Joseph Stalin was one of the most influential and controversial political figures of the previous century and existed the undisputed leader of the extremely powerful USSR for over thirty years.

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3. In 1948, Stalin ordered an economic blockade on the German city of Berlin, in hopes of gaining full control of the city.

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4. In 1922, Stalin was appointed to the newly created office of general secretary of the Communist Party.

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5. Joseph Stalin had a very active contribution throughout Russian revolutionary movements.

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6. Joseph Stalin was a well-known political personality of the Soviet Union and the key driving factor that brought changes in people's thoughts and revolutionizing developments in the country of Russia.

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7. In early 2010 a new monument to Stalin was erected in Zaporizhia, Ukraine; in December unknown persons cut off its head and in 2011 it was destroyed in an explosion.

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8. In October 1952, Stalin gave an hour and a half speech at the Central Committee plenum.

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9. In 1950, Stalin issued the article "Marxism and Problems of Linguistics", which reflected his interest in questions of Russian nationhood.

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10. In March 1948, Stalin launched an anti-Tito campaign, accusing the Yugoslav communists of adventurism and deviating from Marxist–Leninist doctrine.

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11. In 1948, Stalin edited and rewrote sections of Falsifiers of History, published as a series of Pravda articles in February 1948 and then in book form.

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12. In June 1945, Stalin adopted the title of Generalissimus, and stood atop Lenin's Mausoleum to watch a celebratory parade led by Zhukov through Red Square.

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13. At the conference, Stalin repeated previous promises to Churchill that he would refrain from a "Sovietization" of Eastern Europe.

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14. In November 1943, Stalin met with Churchill and Roosevelt in Tehran, a location of Stalin's choosing.

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15. At this point, Stalin turned against the NEP, putting him on a course to the "left" even of Trotsky or Zinoviev.

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16. In late 1924, Stalin moved against Kamenev and Zinoviev, removing their supporters from key positions.

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17. At the conference Stalin met Lenin for the first time.

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18. In October 1899, Stalin began work as a meteorologist at a Tiflis observatory.

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19. At his teachers' recommendation, Stalin proceeded to the Spiritual Seminary in Tiflis.

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20. In late 1888, aged 10 Stalin enrolled at the Gori Church School.

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