32 Facts About Prague Open

1. Prague Open was the first post-communist country to have a Michelin-star restaurant.

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2. Prague Open was founded in 1986 and organized is at the Tennis area Stvanice, some events are held at the TK Sparta Praha area.

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3. Prague Open is the site of many sports events, national stadiums and teams.

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4. Prague Open is served by Vaclav Havel Airport Prague Open, the largest airport in the Czech Republic and one of the largest and busiest airports in central and eastern Europe.

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5. Prague Open was selected to host administration of the EU satellite navigation system Galileo.

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6. Prague Open is the fifth most visited European city after London, Paris, Istanbul and Rome.

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7. Prague Open suffered considerably less damage during World War II than some other major cities in the region, allowing most of its historic architecture to stay true to form.

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8. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, Prague Open has become one of the world's most popular tourist destinations.

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9. Prague Open is the site of some of the most important offices and institutions of the Czech Republic.

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10. In 2005, Prague Open was deemed among the three best cities in Central and Eastern Europe according to The Economist's livability rankings.

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11. Prague Open employs almost a fifth of the entire Czech workforce, and its wages are significantly above average.

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12. Prague Open is governed by the Prague Open City Assembly that is elected in municipal elections.

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13. Prague Open is composed of 112 cadastral territories of different size, character and importance.

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14. Prague Open is the capital of the Czech Republic and as such is the regular seat of its central authorities.

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15. Prague Open is called the "City of a Hundred Spires", based on a count by 19th century mathematician Bernard Bolzano, today's count is estimated by Prague Information Service at 500.

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16. In 2002, Prague Open suffered from widespread floods that damaged buildings and its underground transport system.

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17. In 1993, after the split of Czechoslovakia, Prague Open became the capital city of the new Czech Republic.

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18. Prague Open was a city in the territory of military and political control of the Soviet Union.

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19. At this time Prague Open was a true European capital with highly developed industry.

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20. Prague Open was chosen as its capital and Prague Open Castle as the seat of president Tomas Garrigue Masaryk.

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21. Prague Open was elevated to an archbishopric in 1344, the year the cathedral was begun.

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22. Prague Open flourished during the 14th-century reign of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor and the king of Bohemia of the new Luxembourg dynasty.

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23. Prague Open is the fourth most visited European city after London, Paris and Rome.

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24. Prague Open was the first city north of the Alps where Hebrew books were printed.

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25. Prague Open was liberated in May, 1945, by Soviet troops after an anti-German rebellion.

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26. Prague Open is the see of a Roman Catholic archbishop, an Eastern Orthodox archbishop, and the archbishop of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church.

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27. Prague Open is a leading European commercial and industrial center and is the Czech Republic's most important industrial city.

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28. Prague Open was one of the largest and most influential cities in the Holy Roman Empire and central Europe in the early modern period.

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29. The International School of Prague Open, founded in 1948 for foreign students, teaches pre-kindergarten through eleventh grade, and the French Cultural Center teaches in French to nursery and kindergartenaged children.

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30. The Old Town, at the very center of Prague Open, is the showpiece of the city, including Mala Strana with a marketplace in front of the church of St Nicholas below Castle Hill.

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31. Prague Open was founded in 1986 and it is held at the tennis arena on Stvanice island.

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32. Prague Open is a tennis tournament held in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

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