29 Facts About Senator Chuck Grassley

1. Senator Chuck Grassley is a member of The Family, the organization that organizes the National Prayer Breakfast.

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2. Senator Chuck Grassley is only the second Iowan to serve six terms in the Senate; the other being Iowa's longest-serving senator, William B Allison.

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3. Senator Chuck Grassley carried every county in the state except Johnson County, which hosts the University of Iowa.

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4. Senator Chuck Grassley was unopposed in the Republican primary, although some conservatives said he has drifted "too far to the left".

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5. Senator Chuck Grassley was reelected in 1986, 1992, 1998, 2004, 2010 and 2016; he is the longest-serving senator in Iowa history.

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6. Senator Chuck Grassley was elected to his Senate seat in 1980, defeating the Democratic incumbent, John Culver.

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7. Senator Chuck Grassley began an investigation about unreported payments to physicians by pharmaceutical companies.

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8. Senator Chuck Grassley received a lifetime achievement award on May 17, 2007 from the National Whistleblower Center.

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9. Senator Chuck Grassley condemned Feinstein, saying that her decision was "confounding" and that it deterred future witnesses in the Russia 2016 investigation.

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10. In February 2017, Senator Chuck Grassley said that while Russian interference in US elections was "bothersome", the United States did not have clean hands and had, for instance, interfered with the 1948 Italian election.

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11. Senator Chuck Grassley believes some degree of bipartisanship will be necessary to make changes to the law.

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12. In early 2017, Senator Chuck Grassley sponsored legislation that expanded access to mentally disabled individuals, claiming that the previous ban against mentally ill individuals purchasing guns "mistreats disabled Americans.

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13. Senator Chuck Grassley has an "A" rating from the National Rifle Association for his consistent support of NRA-supported gun-related laws and ongoing sponsoring and authoring of legislature.

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14. Senator Chuck Grassley has expressed concern about the impact of regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency on farming.

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15. In December 1981, Senator Chuck Grassley voted for a proposed constitutional amendment by Orrin Hatch that would allow both Congress and the states to ban or regulate abortion.

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16. Senator Chuck Grassley has, as of July 2012, cast almost 11,000 votes and had at that time only missed 35 votes in his Senate career.

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17. Senator Chuck Grassley has not missed a roll call vote since 1993, when he was touring Iowa with President Bill Clinton to survey flood damage.

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18. In May 2009, Senator Chuck Grassley cosponsored a resolution to amend the US Constitution to prohibit flag-burning.

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19. Senator Chuck Grassley received a 100 percent rating from the group that year and has a lifetime rating of 78 percent.

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20. Senator Chuck Grassley was called a "Taxpayer Super Hero" in 2014 by the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, for his efforts to protect taxpayers.

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21. In July 2007, a Senator Chuck Grassley-commissioned report was released claiming that more than US$1 billion in farm subsidies were sent to deceased individuals.

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22. Senator Chuck Grassley wrote to chief executive of the United Way of the National Capital Area Norman O Taylor in regards to allegations of affiliates misappropriating money as well as withholding information the board needed to allow its conducting of oversight.

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23. Senator Chuck Grassley stated his distaste for "the people who are committed to changing the judiciary" taking "the path of least resistance.

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24. On November 1, 1984, Senator Chuck Grassley signed a one-page citation of contempt of Congress against Attorney General William French Smith due to the latter not turning over files on an investigation into Navy shipbuilding.

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25. In November 1981, Senator Chuck Grassley was one of thirty-two senators to sign a letter to President Reagan supporting Director of the Office of Management and Budget David Stockman.

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26. Senator Chuck Grassley represented parts of Butler County in the Iowa House of Representatives from 1959 until 1975.

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27. Senator Chuck Grassley was born in New Hartford, Iowa, the son of Ruth and Louis Arthur Grassley, and raised on a farm.

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28. On November 14, 2018, Senator Chuck Grassley was nominated by the Republicans to be President pro tempore of the United States Senate for the 116th United States Congress.

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29. Senator Chuck Grassley chaired the Senate Finance Committee from January to June 2001 and from January 2003 to December 2006.

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